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Power of the words can bring castles down

Easy reference to the wide-ranging literature on Sri Aurobindo is a tough job. Sri Aurobindo: A Descriptive Bibliography by H. K. Kaul (1972) was a great initiative and nothing of the sort has been attempted since then

The other day I posted a list of Online resources on The Mother & Sri Aurobindo

Here is a tentative list of PhD theses relating to Sri Aurobindo compiled from various sources. Data provided is neither complete nor can be said to be accurate. But such attempts at comparative and critical study gives the hope that the world will know the real worth of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, one day. It's because of ignorance that people are following old religions. Once they are aware of the new light and consciousness, their change of heart will be spontaneous. Thus, the power of the words can bring castles down and the scholars have a great role in this transformation.

Bhattacharya, Abhoy Chandra (1927-)
Sri Aurobindo and Bergson; a synthetic study
• [1st ed.].- Gyanpur: Jagabandhu Prakashan, 1972.- xx, 282 p. 22 cm.- NOTES: On jacket: A centenary publication. A revision of the author's thesis, Banaras Hindu University, 1950. Includes bibliographical references. (Number at Russian State Library IN 74-30/41)

Dr Karan Singh's doctoral thesis of 1951 PROPHET OF INDIAN NATIONALISM ... BEFORE proceeding to analyse Sri Aurobindo's views on passive ...
Karan Singh
Sadr-i-Riyasat of Jammu and Kashmir (1931-). Prophet of Indian nationalism; a study of the political thought of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, 1893-1910
• London: Allen & Unwin, 1963.- 163 p. port. 23 cm.- NOTES: Thesis--University of Delhi. Bibliography: p. 158-163. (Number at Russian State Library IN 63-57/99)
• 1st Indian ed.- Bombay: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1967.- xv, 197 p., [1] leaf of plates: port. 19 c m.- SERIES: Bhavan's book university ; 151.- NOTES: First published London, 1963. Includes bibliographical references (p. [182]-188) andindex.
• Bombay: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1970.- xv,197p. port. 19cm.- SERIES: Bhavan's book university, 151.- NOTES: First published London, 1963. Bibliography: p.[182]-187.

Sharma, Ram Nath (1931-)
The philosophy of Sri Aurobindo.
• Meerut: Kedar Nath Ram Nath, 1958.- xvi, 191 [1] p. 23 cm.- NOTES: Thesis--University of Allahabad. Bibliography: p. [189]-[192]
Sharma, Ram Nath (1931-)
The social philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
• 1st ed.- Delhi: Vineet, 1980.- xiv, 230, x p.; 25 cm.- NOTES: "A thesis approved for the D. Litt. degree of Meerut University." Includes indexes. Bibliography: p. [i]-vi (3d group)

Ram Shankar Misra wrote a doctoral dissertation on the Life Divine in 1952 at the Banaras Hindu University, which was later published as a book titled “The Integral Advaitism of Sri Aurobindo”.

Misra, Ram Shankar
The Integral Advaitism of Sri Aurobindo
• 437 pp.— ISBN: 81-208-1329-4.— hc Rs 495
• [1st ed.].— Banaras: Banaras Hindu University, 1957.— xvi, 410 p. 23 cm.— SERIES: Banaras Hindu University Darsana series, no. 2 Hindu University, Benares, India. Darsana series; no. 2.— NOTES: Bibliographical footnotes.

The aim of this book is to present the concept of evolution and the problem of human destiny in the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. Set against a quintessential survey of practically the whole range of western philosophy, Sri Aurobindo's original view of life and the universe is presented in a lucid manner.

Reddy, V. Madhusudan
Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy of Evolution
Sri Aurobindo’s original view of life and the universe presented against the background of a survey of western philosophy
• 371 pp.— ISBN: 81-85853-11-8.— Rs 350
• Hyderabad, India: Institute of Human Study, 1966.— xviii, 385p. port. 23cm.— NOTES: "Thesis submitted ...in December, l957 to Osmania University for the degree of Ph. D". Bibliography: p. [375]-385.

Publisher: Wisdom Tree, Delhi, in collaboration with Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry. This is a reissue of a work that was first published with the Mother's permission in 1962 which was the author's PhD thesis.

11-Apr-2020 — [Ph.D. Dissertation thesis for the Award of Doctor of Philosophy] ... F. Sri Aurobindo's thesis on national education ...

Srivastava, Rama Shanker
Sri Aurobindo and the theories of evolution
a critical and comparative study of the Indian and western theories of evolution with special reference to Sri Aurobindo's philosophy of evolution
• [1st ed.].- Varanasi: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office, 1968.- xv, 464 p. 22 cm.- SERIES: The Chowkhamba Sanskrit studies, v. 60.- NOTES: Bibliography: p. [439]-457.

Agarwal, Raghubir Saran (1903-)
The splendour of Sri Aurobindo's muse
• Bikaner, India: Ratna Smriti Prakashan, 1983.- viii, 376 p.: ill.; 22 cm.- NOTES: Revision of the author's thesis (Ph. D.--Agra University) under the title: Poetic muse of Sri Aurobindo. Bibliography: p. [373]-376.

Verma Kedar Nath (1929-)
Sriaravinda aura unaki sadhana
• 1966 1968.- 2 v. illus., ports. 21 cm.- NOTES: In Hindi. Bibliographical footnotes.

Evolution towards Human Unity (Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy of History and of Political Evolution, A Comparative Study), 2002 by K.N. Verma


Paranjape, Makarand R.
Mysticism in Indian English poetry (Sri Aurobindo, Puran Singh, Sri Ananda Acharya, Krishnamurti, India): Degree: PH.D
1985 / University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign; 0090 // DAI, VOL. 46-11A, Page 3355, 00359 Pages

Minor, Robert Neil (1945-)
The ethics of Sri Aurobindo Ghose: a religio-historical study
• 1978 1975.— iii, 258 leaves.— NOTES: Photocopy of typescript. Ann Arbor: University Microfilms, 1978. — 22 cm. Thesis ( PH.D) —University of Iowa; 0096. Bibliography: leaves 254-258.— DAI, VOL. 36-12A, Page 8126, 00263 Pages

Minor, Robert Neil (1945-)
Sri Aurobindo; The Perfect & the Good.
• Columbia: South Asia Books, Nov. 1978.— ISBN/PRICE: 083640033X TC; USD 15.00 R
• Calcutta: Minerva, 1978.— 191 p.; 22 cm.— NOTES: "Presented as thesis for the Ph. D. at the School of Religion of the University of Iowa." Includes index. Bibliography: p. [181]-185.
• Columbia, Mo.: South Asia Books, 1978.— 191 p.; 22 cm.— NOTES: Originally presented as the author's thesis, University of Iowa. Includes index. Bibliography: p. [181]-185.— ISBN: 083640033X

Mcdonald, Michael
Towards a contemporary theodicy
based on critical review of John Hick, David Griffin and Sri Aurobindo: DEGREE: PH.D.
1995 / University of Hawaii; 0085.— Adviser: Chairperson.— DAI, VOL. 57-01A, Page 0285, 00369 Pages.

O'Malia, Edwin Francis
The transformation of man
a descriptive comparative study in the thought of Sri Aurobindo (Ghose) and Zen Buddhism as explicated in the English language writing of Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki.- NOTES: Typescript. Deals with Sri Aurobindo Ghose only. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Temple University; 0225, 1979

O'Connor, June E. (1941-)
Freedom in the thought of Sri Aurobindo Ghose; an ethical study
• 1974.- 191 l.- NOTES: Thesis (Ph. D.)--Temple University; 0225, 1973. Bibliography: l. 186-191. Photocopy. Ann Arbor, Mich.,: University Microfilms, 1974.- DAI, VOL. 34-06A, Page 3533, 00204 Pages

Nedumpalakunnel, George
Realization of God according to Sri Aurobindo: a study of a neo-Hindu vision on the divinization of man
• Bangalore: Claretian Publications, 1979.— xvi, 308 p.; 23 cm.— NOTES: "Presented to the Faculty of Theology, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, in 1976 in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree, Doctor of Theology." Includes index. Bibliography: p. 301-306.

Vadakkekara, George M.
Absolute, Sachchidananda and Supermind
the concept of God in the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo within the context of Hindu-Christian dialogue
Thesis (PH.D.).- Berkeley, California, 1987

Todisco, Maria A.
The psychology of consciousness evolution
an inquiry into the psychological dimensions of current theories (transpersonal, Sri Aurobindo, Carl Jung, Jean Gebser, Richard Maurice Bucke): Degree: PH.D./ California Institute of Integral Studies; 0392. Adviser: Lawrence M. Spiro

Tilak, Samadanam John
Nature, history and spirit
a theological investigation on nature, history and spirit in trialogue among western secularism, hindu spiritualism and christian trinitarian faith: Degree: S.T.D.
This dissertation is a comparative study of the Christian theologians Paul Tillich and Teilhard de Chardin and the Hindu philosophers Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan and Aurobindo Ghosh.

Thomas, P. M. (Pillachira Mathew)
Twentieth century Indian interpretations of Bhagavadgita: Tilak, Gandhi, and Aurobindo
• Delhi: Published for the Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society, Bangalore, by I.S.P.C.K., 1987.— 204 p.; 23 cm.— NOTES: Revision of the author's thesis (Ph. D.—McMaster University). Includes bibliographical references.

Stoeber, Michael
Mysticism in Aurobindo and Bonaventure: a comparative study
• Ottawa: National Library of Canada, 1987.- 3 microfiches (148 fr.); 11 x 15 cm.- SERIES: Canadian theses = Thčses canadiennes.- NOTES: Thesis (M.A.)--University of Calgary, 1986. Includes bibliography.- ISBN: 0315327596

Patel, Chandrakant P.

Study of the psychological foundation of the "free progress system" as evolved in Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education
• 1st ed.- Bokhira, Porbandar, India: Pondicherry, India: Sri Aurobindo Study Circle, Bokhira-Porbandar; Distributor, Sri Aurobindo Books Distribution Agency, 1986.- xix, 290 p.; 22 cm.- NOTES: Spine title: Free progress system. Originally presented as the author's thesis (Ph. D.--Saurashtra University) Includes index. Bibliography: p. 227-238.

Parappully, Jose
Pastoral counselor as social catalyst: inculturating pastoral counseling in India (Integral yoga, Sri Aurobindo, transpersonal psychology): Degree: M.A.
1992 / Loyola University of Chicago; 0112.- Adviser: Charles Hallisey // MAI, VOL. 35-01, Page 0035, 00147 Pages.

Parker, Jill Elizabeth (1948-)
Freedomas "Moksha": a study of the conical philosophy of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the conical frustrum philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
• 1973.- iii, [2], 88 leaves: ill. ; 28cm.- NOTES: Includes abstract and vita. Thesis (M.A.)-Hartford Seminary Foundation, 1973. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 86-88).

Pasternak, Carla Sugarman (1945-)
The poetry of Aurobindo: an Oriental response to Western materialism
• 1972.- 186 leaves 29 cm. - NOTES: Typescript. Vita. Thesis (Ph. D.)-University of Wisconsin-Madison; 0262, 1972. Includes bibliography.- DAI, VOL. 33-11A, Page 6322, 00192 Pages

Aarset, Suzanne Harmon
The awakening of intuition
a guided journey in the Aurobindo tradition and its implications for the psychotherapist: Degree: ED.D
• 1981 / Boston University School Of Education; 0851 // ADD, VOL. X1981, 00001 Pages

Agarwal, Raghubir Saran (1903-)
The splendour of Sri Aurobindo's muse
• Bikaner, India: Ratna Smriti Prakashan, 1983.- viii, 376 p.: ill.; 22 cm.- NOTES: Revision of the author's thesis (Ph. D.--Agra University) under the title: Poetic muse of Sri Aurobindo. Bibliography: p. [373]-376.

Bragg, Mary C.
Self in Whitman's "Song of myself" and the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
• 1976.- 49 leaves; 28 cm.- NOTES: Director: Charles J. Pelfrey. Thesis (M.A.)--Morehead State University, 1976. Bibliography: leaves 45-57.

Brookman, David M.
The eschatological visionsof Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Aurobindo Ghose: a study in religious complementarity
• 1973.- iii, 89 leaves ; 28 cm.- NOTES: Includes abstract andvita. Thesis (M.A.)-Hartford Seminary Foundation, 1973. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 83-89).

Bruteau, Beatrice (1930-)
The reality and value of the world in the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo: Degree: PH.D.- 1969 / Fordham University; 0072
• // DAI, VOL. 30-04A, Page 1593, 00305 Pages

Burlingham, Merry L.
Sri Aurobindo: the man and his epic. A report of an Independent Study
• Maryville, 1967.- 84l. 29 cm.- NOTES: Thesis (Undergraduate)-Maryville College, 1967. Includes bibliography.
Carandang, Amado Ilagan
The self in Aquinas and Sri Aurobindo (Ghose): Degree: M.A.- 1986 / California Institute Of Integral Studies; 0392
• // MAI, VOL. 25-01, Page 0127, 00142 Pages

Chattopadhyaya, Debi Prasad (1933-)
History, society, and polity: integral sociology of Sri Aurobindo
• New Delhi: Macmillan Co. of India, 1976.- xvi, 281 p.; 25 cm.- NOTES: Includes bibliographical references and index.
• Madras: S. G. Wasani, 1976.- xvi, 281 p.; 25 cm.- NOTES: Includes bibliographical references and index.

Chattopadhyaya, Debi Prasad (1933-)
Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx: integral sociology and dialectical sociology
• 336 pp.— ISBN: 81-208-0388-40- hc Rs 250
• New ed., enl.- Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1988.-

Chincholkar, Laxman Ganpatrao (1935-)
A critical study of Aurobindo, with special reference to his concept of spiritual evolution
• Nagpur, 1966.- 2, ii, 214 p. 23 cm.- NOTES: "A thesis approved for Ph. D. by the Nagpur University." Bibliography: p. [205]-214.

Chobot, Neal L.
Aurobindo's concept of spiritual evolution
• 1977.- iv, 307 leaves.- SERIES: University of Hawaii (Honolulu). Theses for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy; no. 1046: Philosophy.- NOTES: Typescript. Bibliography: leaves 305-307.

Collins, John Edward (1938-)
The integral vision of Sri Aurobindo
• 1971.- 296 l// DAI, VOL. 31-12A, Page 6699, 00303 Pages.- NOTES: Thesis (Ph. D.)--Princeton University, 1970. Bibliography: l. 292-294. Photocopy. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms, 1970.

Deutsch, Eliot Sandler (1931-)
Approaches to mysticism; a study of the interpretations of Rudolph Otto, Evelyn Underhill, Sri Aurobindo
• [New York], 1960.- vii, 318 l. 29 cm.- NOTES: Typescript. Thesis (PH.D.) - Columbia University; 0054. Bibliography: l. 307-315. // DAI, VOL. 21-01, Page 0210, 00329 Pages

Fasanaro, Charles Nicholas
Emergent evolution in the thought of Sri Aurobindo Ghose and Teilhard de Chardin
a critical analysis.- NOTES: Thesis (Ph. D.)--Iliff School of Theology and The University of Denver (Colorado Seminary); 0316, 1983.
1983.- iii, [2], 219 leaves.- Bibliography: leaves 212-219. Microfilm. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms International, 1985. 1 microfilm reel; 4 in., 35 mm. // DAI, VOL. 45-11A, Page 3377, 00226 Pages.
• 1988 1983.- iii, [2], 219 p.- Bibliography: p. 212-219. Photocopy Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms International, 1988. 22 cm.

Feys, Jan (1933-)
The philosophy of evolution in Sri Aurobindo and Teilhard de Chardin
• [1st ed.].- Calcutta: Firma K. L. Mukhopadhyay, 1973.- xviii, 276 p. 22 cm.- NOTES: Title on spine: Evolution in Aurobindo and Teilhard. Running title: Evolution in Sri Aurobindo and Teilhard. "Thesis approved for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Ranchi University." Bibliography: p. [260]-267.

Field, Rebecca A.
The concept of the soul in the integral philosophy of Sri Aurobindo or the advent of the eternal sun: Degree: M.A
• 1977 / California Institute Of Integral Studies; 0392 // MAI, VOL. 16-02, Page 0124, 00114 Pages

First-Hartling, Jeffrey Reynolds
The concept of revelation in the works of Sri Aurobindo Ghose and Karl Rahner
a foundational contribution to inter-religious dialogue (Rahner Karl, interreligious dialogue, Aurobindo Ghose Sri, India, Hindu, Panikkar Raimundo).- NOTES: Typescript. Thesis (Ph. D.-Religion)
Catholic University of America; 0043, 1993.- Adviser: Director: William Cenkner.- Bibliography: leaves 291-298 // DAI, VOL. 54-01A, Page 0207, 00303 Pages

Fort, Andrew Osmun
Turiya and the catuspad doctrine in Advaita Vedanta: an inquiry into an Indian "states of consciousness" doctrine: Degree: PH.D
1982 / University Of Pennsylvania; 0175 // DAI, VOL. 43-03A, Page 0835, 00200 Pages

Gilbert, Kenneth Imber (1948-)
The wisdom of the Veda, in the light of Sri Aurobindo's thought
• [Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, 1973.- [8], 161 p. 21 cm.- NOTES: Originally presented as the author's thesis (M.A.), California Institute of Asian Studies, San Francisco. Bibliography: p. 154-158. (Number at Russian State Library IN 76-25/67)

Goswami, Chitta Ranjan
The soul-culture in the Upanisad in the light of Sri Aurobindo's thought
• Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, 1971.- 136 p. 19 cm.- NOTES: Thesis (M.A.)--McMaster University, Hamilton. Includes bibliographical references.

Gray, Gail L.
Sri Aurobindo and his relevance to problems in contemporary American art
• 1978.- iv, 89 leaves: 29 cm.- NOTES: Vita. Thesis (M.A.)--Arizona State University. Bibliography: leaves [86]-89.

Hackett, Stuart C.
Religious knowledge: Paul and Aurobindo: Degree: PH.D
• 1952 / Syracuse University; 0659 // ADD, VOL. W1952, Page 0008, 00175 Pages

Hager, Mark Mclaughlin
The elusive ideology: religion and socialism in modern Indian thought (Hinduism): Degree: PH.D
1990 / Harvard University; 0084.- Adviser: Diana Eck // DAI, VOL. 51-12A, Page 4160, 00412 Pages.

Halverson, Bruce MacKay
An analysis of the conception of supermind in the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
with especial reference to the question of the uniqueness of this conception
• [Honolulu], 1966.- ii, 85 l.- SERIES: University of Hawaii (Honolulu) Theses for the degree of Master of Arts [no. 656].- NOTES: Typescript. Bibliography: leaves [82]-85.

Houghton, Harold (1925-)
Aurobindo and Whitehead: a comparative and critical study of supermind and creativity
• [s.l.: s.n.], 1974.- v, 175 leaves: ill.- NOTES: Thesis (PH.D.) --California Institute of Asian Studies; 0392 // DAI, VOL. 36-10A, Page 6750, 00182 Pages.- Microfilm of typescript. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms, 1975. -- 1 reel; 35 mm. Bibliography: leaves 163-170.

Huchzermeyer, Wilfried
Der Übermensch bei Friedrich Nietzsche und Sri Aurobindo
• Gladenbach: Hinder + Deelmann, 1986.- 122 p.; 20 cm.- NOTES: A revision of the author's thesis (doctoral--University of Oriental Studies, Los Angeles, 1978) originally presented in English. Bibliography: p. 113-116.- ISBN: 3873481235

Hunt, Arnold Dudley
The nature of human existence: a comparative study of the doctrine of man as found in Reinhold Niebuhr and Sri Aurobindo.
• DAI, VOL. 19-11, Page 3038, 00273 Pages.- Hartford, 1959.- [2], v, 265 leaves ;28 cm.- NOTES: Includes abstract and vita. Thesis (Ph. D.)-Hartford Seminary Foundation; 0083, 1959. Includes bibliographical references(leaves 259-265).

Jaiswal, Sheo Shankar (1946-)
Sri Aurobindo’s Plays: A Thematic Study
• 260 pp.— ISBN: 81-7054-170-0.— hc Rs 300
• New Delhi: Classical Pub. Co., 1993.- xii, 260 p. ;23 cm.- NOTES: Based on theauthor's thesis (Ph. D.-MeerutUniversity) under the title: A thematic study of the plays of Aurobindo. Includes bibliographical references (p. [250]-260).- ISBN: 8170541700

Johnson, David Lawrence (1941-)
Aurobindo Ghose and Indian nationalism: a religious analysis
• 1972.- 171 l.- NOTES: Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Iowa; 0096, 1972.- Bibliography: l. 166-171. Photocopy. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms, 1972. (DAI, VOL. 32-12A, Page 7079, 00179 Pages)

Kallumpurath, Ninan A.
A modern Hindu doctrine of man: a Christian critique of Sri Aurobindo's theory of man
• 1960.- vii, 444 leaves; 29 cm.- NOTES: Carbon copy of typescript. Thesis (Th. D.)--San Francisco Theological Seminary. Bibliography: leaves 424-444.

Lee, Robert Lott
Rooting, trunking, and branching: the consciousness perspective of George Simon
Degree: PH.D.- YEAR: 1986 / The Union For Experimenting Colleges And Universities
0557.- DAI, VOL. 47-05A, Page 1752, 00330 Pages.

Le Cocq, Rhoda Priscella
The radical thinkers, Heidegger and Sri Aurobindo.
• [San Francisco?], 1969.- xii, 265, [7] l. 29 cm.- NOTES: Thesis (PH.D.) -- California Institute of Asian Studies; 0392. Bibliography: leaves [266]-[272].- ADD, VOL. X1973, 00001 Pages

Lanning, Bill Lester
Man in progress: the religions and political-social future of man according to the thoughts of Sri Aurobindo Ghose and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: a comparative analysis
• 1988 1976.- ix, 318 leaves.- NOTES: Thesis (Ph. D.)--Baylor University; 0014, 1976. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 304-318). Photocopy. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms, 1988. 21 cm.- DAI, VOL. 38-05A, Page 2863, 00327 Pages

Koller, John M.
The metaphysical bases and implications of Indian social ideals in traditional India, Gandhi and Aurobindo
• [Honolulu], 1966.- v, 310 l.- SERIES: University of Hawaii (Honolulu); 0085 -- Theses for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy [no. 113].- NOTES: Typescript. Bibliography: leaves [306]-310.- DAI, VOL. 28-05A, Page 1850, 00315 Pages

Kotoky, P. C.
Indo-English poetry; a study of Sri Aurobindo and four others
• [Gauhati]: Dept. of Publication, Gauhati University, 1969.- viii, 203 p. 26 cm.- NOTES: Originally presented as the author's thesis, Gauhati University, 1964. Bibliography: p. [197]-203.

Krishna, Purushotman Muthu (1928-)
The political philosophy of Sri Aurobindo: an exposition and assessment of the integral system of a leading Indian thinker.
• 1988.- 157 l.- NOTES: Thesis (PH.D.)--New School of Social Research; 0145, 1963. Bibliography. Microfilm. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [19--] 1 reel. 35 mm.- DAI, VOL. 25-03, Page 2015, 00160 Pages

Krishnalcumar, R. (1995)
Philosophical Perspectives in Indian Education with Special Reference to Sri Aurobindo. Ph. D Thesis
• 148. Department of Philosophy, Annamalai University

Kulkarni S.S. (1932-)
The Plays of Sri Aurobindo: A Study
• 160 pp.— ISBN: 81-85339-77-5.— hc Rs 90
• Panaji, Goa: Rajhauns Vitaran, 1990.- x, 160 p. ; 23 cm.- Abridged version of the author's thesis (Ph. D.-University of Bombay, 1982) under the title: The Dramatic elements in the poetical works of Sri Aurobindo Ghose. Includes index. Includes bibliographical references (p. [149]-156).- ISBN: 8185339775

Leyden, Michael Joseph (1950-)
The philosophy of integralism in the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo Ghose
• 1975.- vi, 116 l.- NOTES: Thesis (M.A.)-Washington State University.Bibliography: leaves 114-116.
Lorenzo, David Joseph

How the sun-word rises
cultural synthesis and discursive persistence in the Aurobindo movement of India: Degree: PH.D.- 1993 / Yale University; 0265.- Adviser: Director: David E. Apter
Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI), VOL. 54-06A, Page 2310, 00482 Pages.- Ann Arbor, MI. Article in: vol. 54 no. 6, 1993 Dec.- DAI No: DA9331321. Degree Granting Institution: Yale U, 1993.- PAGES: 2310A.- STANDARD NO: Pt. A, 0419-4209; Pt. B, 0419-4217; Pt. C, 1042-7279.

Ma, Swami Sarvaananda
The integral yoga school in historical perspective: Degree: PH.D
1980 / The University Of Connecticut; 0056 // DAI, VOL. 41-08A, Page 3333, 00181 Pages.

Marshak, David
Education for wholeness
the visions of human becoming and of education of Rudolf Steiner, Aurobindo Ghose, and Inayat Khan (developmental psychology, holistic): Degree: ED.D.
1985 / Harvard University; 0084.— DAI, VOL. 46-08A, Page 2135, 00327 Pages.— UMI #85-23,336. Vita

Mastny, Aleta You
A comparative study of the educational philosophies of Sri Aurobindo and Maria Montessori.
• 1975.— xi, 175 leaves; 29 cm.— NOTES: Vita. Thesis (PH.D.) —Arizona State University; 0010. Bibliography: leaves [169]-175.— DAI, VOL. 36-04A, Page 2159, 00188 Pages

Phillips, Stephen Hall
Aurobindo's philosophy of Brahman: Degree: PH.D.
The thesis undertakes a critical examination of the central concepts and claims of a modern Indian metaphysician, Sri Aurobindo (Ghose).
296 pages. Chapter titles: 'Epistemology of Mysticism,' 'Aurobindo and Indian Tradition,' 'The Nature of Absolute,' and 'Divine Life: What's It Worth?'
• 1982 / Harvard University; 0084 // DAI, VOL. 43-05A, Page 1577, 00305 Pages

Prasad, Shree Krishna
The literary criticism of Sri Aurobindo, with special reference to poetry
• Patna: Bharati Bhawan Publishers & Distributors, 1974.- 487 p., [1] leaf of plates: port.; 25 cm.- NOTES: Originally presented as author's thesis, Patna University. Includes copious quotations from Aurobindo Ghose's works. Includes index. Bibliography: p. [476]-483.

Raghunath, T. Raman
Metaphysics and human development: a study of Aurobindo's theory of human development
Hamilton, Ont.], 1993.— xi, 373 leaves ; 28 cm.— NOTES: Thesis (Ph. D.)-McMaster University (Canada); 0197, 1993.— Adviser: E. Simpson.— Includes bibliographical references (leaves 367-373).— DAI, VOL. 55-06A, Page 1583, 00387 Pages.— ISBN: 0-315-88013-9.

Roy, Sumita
Consciousness and creativity: a case study of Sri Aurobindo, T.S. Eliot, and Aldous Huxley.
• New Delhi: Sterling Publishers, 1991.— vi, 200 p. ; 23 cm.— NOTES: Originally presented as the author's thesis (Ph. D.—Osmania University, 1988). Includes index. Includes bibliographical references (p. [187]-195).— ISBN: 8120712811
• Eliot: Apt Books, Incorporated, Feb. 1991.— 160 p.— ISBN/PRICE: 8120712811 CT; USD 27.95 R

Sherer, Jean Benedict
Immortality in the thought of Karl Rahner and Aurobindo Ghose
• 1978.- 193 leaves.- NOTES: Director of this thesis, Dr. Eugene C. Bianchi, Division of Religion. Thesis (M.A.)--Emory University. Bibliography: leaves 191-193.

Sherer, Jean Benedict
Setting the words to music: Sri Aurobindo Ghose's encounter with the modern world
[1th ed.].- 1983.- xv, 346 leaves; 28 cm.- NOTES: Thesis (Ph. D.)--Emory University; 0665, 1983. Bibliography: leaves [335]-346.- DAI, VOL. 44-12A, Page 3717, 00369 Pages.-

Simmons, Ernest Lee
Process pluralism and integral non-dualism: a comparative study of the divine in the thought of Alfred North Whitehead and Sri Aurobindo Ghose
1981.- x, 328 leaves, bound; 28 cm.- NOTES: Thesis (Ph. D.)--Claremont Graduate School; 0047, 1981. Bibliography: leaves 320-328. Microfiche. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms International, 1981. 4 fiches; 10 x 15 cm.- DAI, VOL. 42-07A, Page 3197, 00338 Pages.

Rogan, Daniel Patrick
C. G. Jung and Sri Aurobindo on the self-growth process and its attendant difficulties: Degree: M.A.
• 1977 / California Institute Of Integral Studies; 0392 // MAI, VOL. 15-03, Page 0169, 00288 Pages

Misc. References

Roy, Anilbaran (1890-)
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India’s mission in the world
• Pondicherry: Divyajivan Sahitya Prakashan, [1965]
Roy, Anilbaran (1890-)
Khaddar under search-light
• [Bombay: Advocate of India Press, 1929]
Roy, Anilbaran (1890-)
Mother India
• Calcutta: G.P. Karyalaya, [1946]
Roy, Anilbaran (1890-)
Songs from the soul
• 2d ed.—Calcutta: Amiya Library, [1946]
Roy, Anilbaran (1890-)
Sri Aurobindo and the new age.
• London; Calcutta: John M. Watkins; Agents in India, Gita Prachar Karyalaya, 1940.— vii, 170 p.; 18 cm.— SERIES: SAMP early 20th-century Indianbooks project ;item 07484.— NOTES: "First published in 1940." Printed in India. "The articles collected in this book appeared in the Modern review, the Hindusthan review, the Calcutta review, Prabuddha bharat, Sunday times, the Scholar, and the Indian express."—Pref.— Master microform held by: CRL. Microfilm. New Delhi: Library of Congress Office ; Chicago: Available from Center for Research Libraries, 1996. On 1 microfilmreel with otheritems ; 35 mm. (SAMP early 20th- century Indian books project ; item 07484).
• [2d ed.].— Pondicherry: Divyajivan Sahitya Prakashan; [available from Gita Prachar Karyalaya, Calcutta, 1965.— 175 p. 19 cm.— NOTES: "Books by Anilbaran Roy": p. 171-175.
Roy, Anilbaran (1890-)
The illusion of the Charka
• Calcutta: Arya Sahitya Bhawan, 1929.
Roy, Anilbaran (1890-)
The world crisis: Sri Aurobindo's vision of the future
• First edition.— London: Allen and Unwin, 1947.— 156, [1] p., [1] p. of plates; 19 cm.

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Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management
By Tusar Nath Mohapatra, 2015 PDF Keywords: Sri Aurobindo, Integral Management, Evolution, Self Growth, ... Self: Towards a Phenomenology of Romanticism (Atlantic Highlands, N.J:.

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