Monday, August 20, 2007

A free and fluid association of nations forming the World Union

[The twilight of the idols has been postponed. For more than two centuries, from the American and French Revolutions to the collapse of Soviet Communism, world politics revolved around eminently political problems. War and revolution, class and social justice, race and national identity — these were the questions that divided us.
Today, we have progressed to the point where our problems again resemble those of the 16th century, as we find ourselves entangled in conflicts over competing revelations, dogmatic purity and divine duty. We in the West are disturbed and confused.
Though we have our own fundamentalists, we find it incomprehensible that theological ideas still stir up messianic passions, leaving societies in ruin. We had assumed this was no longer possible, that human beings had learned to separate religious questions from political ones, that fanaticism was dead. We were wrong. The Politics of God By MARK LILLA The Times Magazine: August 19, 2007] 5:22 PM
At Savitri Era, religion and politics mix so smoothly without any confusion. And, we hope to march on to a free and fluid association of nations forming the World Union. 3:25 PM

Tusar N. Mohapatra,
President, Savitri Era Party.

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