Friday, August 17, 2007

Savitri Era Party denounces Fernandes' allusion to violence

[George goes ballistic: says in China, PM would have been shot
NEW DELHI: Accusing the PM of “betraying” the country by going ahead with the nuclear deal, NDA convener George Fernandes on Thursday said: “If it were China, they would have settled it with one bullet in his head.”
“The prime minister of the country has betrayed the nation by continuous bluffing, something unbecoming of the head of the government... The Americans chose to make a monkey of our PM by using the 60th birthday of India to spill the beans... what PM has succeeded in doing is to strip our armed forces from the strength that was created by the Vajpayee govt.” Pranab Dhal Samanta
Indian Express: Friday, August 17, 2007]
Savitri Era Party denounces such intemperate expression and allusion to violence with fascist overtones by a seasoned parliamentarian.
Tusar N. Mohapatra,
President, Savitri Era Party.

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  1. Tusarji, the Savitri Era Party's stand on balance, temperance & adherence to existing procedures - reference to your comment on the disciplining of the Kerala M.P. P.C.Thomas by the Speaker- in public life generates a glimmer of hope that things may change after all. This stand is definitely in tune with the expectations among the majority of the electorate who look forward to a great degree of decency in those they elect.
    Shri George Fernandes has had his innings, he has done his bit for the country & has executed whatever duties it demanded of him, but over quite a while it seems he has definitely lost that perception, elan & touch & is himself living a rather isolated political existence. Hence i believe these fire-works are to gain some attention, of course even he as defence minister would not have liked to live in a China of his description.
    Long & correct exposure to Parliamentary procedure, can in my opinion if one holds the right attitude, develop in oneself a certain balance & depth of perception, in politics it is infinitely better & more effective to wage a war of ideas rather than that of personalities - which invariably brings with it a level of vulgarity & crudeness.
    The demand for temperance, balance, civility & discipline in public life is therefore a very urgent one. Merci.