Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not palms or pines

[China: 1.32 billion (about 20% of world population) India: 1.12 billion (about 17%) European Union: 494 million (about 7.3%) United States: 300 million (about 4.6%) Indonesia: 225 million (about 3.5%) Brazil: 186 million (about 2.8%) Pakistan: 165 million (about 2.5%) Bangladesh: 147 million (about 2.3%) Russia: 143 million (about 2.2%) Nigeria: 135 million (about 2.1%) Japan: 128 million (about 2.0%) Mexico: 108 million (about 1.7%) Philippines: 86 million (about 1.3%) Vietnam: 84 million (about 1.3%) Egypt: 75 million (about 1.2%)... From Wikipedia]
Out of the world population of 6.6 billion, Savitri Erans would be perhaps a measly 0.66 million at the maximum. What is our presence in the most populous countries? How can we achieve better numbers? Way back in 1914, The Mother and Sri Aurobindo ventured to reach out to the world by publishing the "Arya." What are we doing after 93 years? By 2014, the population figure is projected to cross 7 billion. Do we have any target, any strategy? And, who should think about all this? The Supramental Force needs more of human beings to act through them, not palms or pines. [TNM]

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