Saturday, August 25, 2007

From Sankhya to Yoga

While the common view of Democracy celebrates Diversity [12:27 PM], the contrarian can say that diversity [1:40 PM] leads to "a nihilistic, anti-rational culture." Sri Aurobindo’s magic formula, "Unity, Mutuality, and Harmony" becomes profoundly significant in this confusing context.
Sankhya, enumeration and analysis, is science and epistemology; while, Yoga, synthesis, is philosophy and ontology. Difference and democratization, therefore, must move progressively towards the ultimate Unity. But, not uniformity, Sri Aurobindo cautions again, lest someone declares that unity is hegemonic, a la Leviathan. [TNM] 10:02 AM

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  1. Tusarji, great, you have pulled out the 'magic formula' from the Master & have succintly & attractively presented it to a much confused & , searching & divided polity! 'Unity, Mutuality & Harmony' are indeed the combination that can work wonders today & is the formula that is much required & which can work a way out from all impass at all levels. Unfortunately nobody seems to realise & attempt to work it out in our national affairs today.
    This formula, I believe, must be adopted & promoted by the Savitri Era Party & must in a sense represent its refreshing uniqueness today. Sixty years after independence, when most in public life are taking stands & formulating poisitions inspired by exclusivity,divisiveness, intolerance & creating a near constant state of dis-harmony & thus splintering further our polity, this formula offers a new light of hope, change & a chance of greater bonding. I am certain that if adopted by the Savitri Era Party it will have an appeale to all especially the youth & be an instant hit! It relevant in international relations & needs application at that level too.
    One must guard against Unity turning into uniformity - it leads to stagnation & eventual death, you have sounded the warning from the Master on that front & we'll all do well to pay heed to it. Greater world unity can come about through a preserved & protected diverse difference & not through an imposed unformity.