Thursday, December 04, 2008

Brace up for reforms now and avoid false arguments

[Again you are dwelling on the superficial aspects of the Ashram. The Ashram has unfathomable depths and if one tries to scale even a bit of it, one would leave such persons alone. They are the losers are they not - those who try and seek Power or Money from the Ashram when they could get a lot more. As a westerner you respect freedom of the individual - so let people alone. And do not judge anything without having been there, without having been in the field braving it. The Ashram is full of different types of forces and it can be very challenging to survive there and emerge intact. Believe me, I have braved it for several years now. Only a direct and respectful relationship with the Ashram will allow the true spiritual potentials to emerge. Above all, one can find things to critize if one is not above the very thing that one seeks to criticize. If one realizes this one would look for the transcendent outside oneself in the Ashram and suddenly discover it within oneself too. It is this I wish for every single person who knows about the Ashram. Treat the Ashram and the Ashramites as things different in themselves and you will emerge wiser.
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[The irony in the jihadi recoil in the Ashram is that in this case they are not confronted by any force sympathetic to McWorld. Even the critiques posted on that utmost fringe of the IY community (aka SCIY) on multi-national globalization, false consciousness, consumerism, cultural imperialism etc are savage regards these vulgar forms of economic barbarism. Unfortunately, the fundamentalist perspective has problems seeing anything other than black and white. How these folks claim any allegiance to an organizing principle or practice that defines itself as "integral" is a intellectual contortion that goes way beyond my capacity of comprehension. Re: Re: Jihad vs. McWorld by Benjamin R. Barber Rich]

[Then there is the inability of most people (educated or not, east or west) to recognize rhetorical devices, false argument, circular chains of thought, appeals to emotion couched in the voice of reason. It takes real intelligence and work to see a manipulative argument. Re: reconciliation, expectation, outcome David Hutchinson]

Whether the "let people alone" formula has served us well is apparent now. Brace up for reforms now and avoid "false arguments." [TNM]

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