Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Their Enron, our Satyam

[Satyam saga exposes India Inc's shortfalls Analysts say the saga exposes serious shortfalls in corporate India that mu... Indian Express - 31 Dec 2008 Related Stories
Post-Satyam, corp governance issues come to life at IIM-A Economic Times, India - 25 Dec 2008 Apart from the lessons learnt, Satyam’s dubious transaction seems to have also left some disillusioned about the corporate honchos. “Our heroes have fallen. ... There is a widespread angst on the campus, too. Many didn’t mince words and even went ahead in calling it a mini-Enron of sorts. BOM:500376 And students seem all set to question and debate ethics and corporate governance in classrooms, showing a rising interest in the community to learn about their roles in similar crisis scenarios.
Promoter deception Indian Express, India - 24 Dec 2008 It’s time Indian promoters discarded their assumption of quasi-immunity from not only shareholders’ scrutiny but also the law. Satyam has raised a lot of ...]

Satyam failed to stick to truth. At the end of the day, it is the question of governance; be it the country, the corporate or an Ashram. [TNM]

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