Friday, December 12, 2008

Language will ever seduce and stave off fossilizing

[Thus, for example, the affects of a bat consist, on the one hand, in its capacity to encounter the world in terms of sonar, but also in its ability to fly, grasp, tear with its teeth, etc. Likewise, my fingers pounding away on this keyboard constitute an affect or capacity of my body. Or rather, my body here enters into an assemblage of affects produced through the conjunction– the “and” –of my hands and the key board, the two acting upon one another and being acted upon by one another. Through this conjugation of affects the power of bodies, according to Spinoza, is either enhanced or diminished, checked or assisted. Networked Emotions
from Larval Subjects by larvalsubjects Dec 5, 2008]

[Not only am I not allowed by this sort of policy to disseminate my own words, I am also not allowed to remix the words of others.
I can get more readers for anything I post on this blog than for an article published under such circumstances; so what’s the point?... There obviously needs to be some sort of open access policy for scholarship in the humanities, as there already is to a great extent in the sciences.
Copyright, again from The Pinocchio Theory by Steven Shaviro 10:38 AM]

[(HERE) I am always happy for fully-credited extracts from Lost Legacy. It helps spread Adam Smith's authentic ideas, without fear or favour. Market Time is published in India where Lost Legacy has a fair number of regular readers.
Lost Legacy Quoted from Adam Smith's Lost Legacy by Gavin Kennedy 3:53 PM]

[As a blogger, I know full well how technology has empowered me. The Planner's Evil Eye
from ANTIDOTE by Sauvik]

[As history too often has demonstrated, soon after the words accompanying the originating darshan or imaginative vision are spoken, the Future becomes imprisoned by the disciplinary regime of language and fossilizes into the structures of representation that become the liturgy of the faithful. The resultant future is merely the projection or programming of the past. In excavating the past within the future Derrida contrast L'Avenir the unpredictable future. Re: The Evolution of Discourse and The Lives of Sri Aurobindo
by Rich on Sun 07 Dec 2008 08:48 PM PST
Science, Culture and Integral Yoga Profile Permanent Link]

As long as fingers pound away on keyboards, language will ever seduce and stave off fossilizing. [TNM]

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