Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kepler disappoints

[“Spirituality without faith”: Authentic spirituality involves an emotional response, what I will call the spiritual response, which can include feelings of significance, unity, awe, joy, acceptance, and consolation. Such feelings are intrinsically rewarding and so are sought out in their own right, but they also help us in dealing with difficult situations involving death, loss, and disappointment. The spiritual response thus helps meet our affective needs for both celebration and reconciliation.
But what might evoke these states? Spirituality often involves a cognitive context, a set of beliefs about oneself and the world which can both inspire the spiritual response and provide an interpretation of it.
Spirituality without faith
from Open Integral]

A Matter of Mind by J. Kepler (Science, Culture and Integral Yoga Tue 23 Jun 2009 Permanent Link) is a huge disappointment. His assumption that some are in possession of pure reason and are propelled by it, is a myth. Most, on the contrary, act reflecting some "Progressive Personality Disorder" (Cognitive Disorder of Progressives: Rewritten: 4:10 AM) or other. [TNM]

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  1. Yeah, the article is another exhibition of the patronising attitude being exhibited towards "Devotees" who lack reading skills and may not be able to grasp the subtlety of thought weaved by this biography. Ignore all the flaws in the book in a spirit of tolerance - that is the solution to all this mischief being committed in the name of Yoga.

    You stay classy, Kepler!