Thursday, June 04, 2009

Unruly language itself can be trapped

[Thursday, June 04, 2009 Comfortable perspectives of one's own belief system to make sense of the world
Re: Convergent evolution Tony Clifton Science, Culture and Integral Yoga
Stephen Jay Gould as an agnostic will eschew teleology, Conway Morris as a Catholic will find satisfaction in a Christian narrative, a follower of Integral Yoga will defer to Sri Aurobindo's narrative on the evolution of consciousness.
For example in my own view contingency can reconcile to a metaphysical view of evolution that defers to a Lila or the free play of Spirit. But I have to admit that is just my own interpretation, and there are a myriad ways one can find to construct the facts to fit ones own theory...
Besides the cultural platform upon which both science and spirituality rest there is no meta-discipline to be found to reconcile the two world views of science and spirit, except perhaps to say that both are condemned to language and as such are both trapped within its linguistic and symbolic constraints.
At the end of the day investing physical processes that fall under the scrutiny of science with spiritual meaning or spiritual meaning in terms of quantifiable scientific processes does not so much speak to the "truth" of the matter as it does an attempt to make sense of the world and its phenomena by contextualizing them according to the comfortable perspectives of one's own belief system. tc
8:25 AM]

Tony Clifton writes a disturbing and disappointing post too reductively erected on semiological rationale. Instead of leaning too heavily on the side of plurality with the attendant danger of falling in the ditch of nihilism and anti-intellectualism, a recourse to liminality can lead one to a more reassuring possibility of Unity, Mutuality, & Harmony within the matrix of which even the unruly language itself can be “trapped.” [TNM]

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