Sunday, June 07, 2009

A new species called "Slumdog"

['Jai ho' set to be millionth English word
Times of India - NEW DELHI: 'Jai ho', 'cuddies' and 'slumdog' are among the 73 other finalists from across the globe to become the millionth English word. ...
"Slumdog Millionaire" terms compete to be millionth English word Xinhua
Jai Ho!, Slumdog, Chaddies*: The 1000000th Word In English? Outlook
Chaddie wants to be English Daily News & Analysis Indian Express - Calcutta Telegraph all 27 news articles » Slumdog `insult' upsets award-winning film-maker Bharati Dubey tnn Times of India - ‎Jun 4, 2009‎
MUMBAI: Does the West think of India as Slumdog rather than Millionaire? Indian director Sanjay Chauhan, whose film Lahore won the jury award for best ... `Now Slumdog country also gets awards'... I think the remark was not ignorance but an insult.]

[Whatever words have been used throughout history and across cultures to refer to a dog have probably conserved their meaning pretty well, and it's pretty clear to everyone what they are referring to. But of course in the case of more abstract concepts meaning shifts and evolves. Re: Convergent evolution
Kepler on Fri 05 Jun 2009 07:46 PM PDT
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[That dogs identify other dogs as companions for forming social packs or for reproducing says nothing about the human experience of this class of objects. An empirical layer of human experience pertaining to such a class of objects bound by such behaviors may or may not be pertinent as cultural currency (language). Historical contingency determines such things for different societies. Still I can concede that over time commonalities of social experience in a variety of cultures may arrive at universals of description with certain irreducible bases. In fact, it is this problem of subjective indeterminacy which marks the reaction against the "Dark Ages" in Europe and the decision to ground human understanding in empirical descriptions of materiality - the birth of Science. DB Re: Convergent evolution Debashish Sat 06 Jun 2009 06:37 PM PDT]

Why not debate over a new species called "Slumdog"? [TNM]

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