Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life long learning with ethical orientation is the goal

[The thing that disturbs me is the suggestion that B-schools also have a role in inculcating superior attitudes or ethical values in their students. HBS's contribution is to get their graduating MBAs to a pledge or oath of ethics! B-schools have responded with courses on ethics and leadership. No problem with that. But, one has to be sceptical about what to expect. To those who wish to create the New Man, I wish luck. I doubt that B-schools can contribute much. There are primary and secondary schools that began with similar lofty goals but whose products are indistinguishable from those produced by ordinary schools. Don't get me wrong.There is a hell of lot that B-schools need to do by way of updating their curricula and make it more relevant. But improving the ethics of their wards is not something that falls within B-schools' core competence. At the risk of offending people, I would suggest that there is a certain presumptousness involved in setting such goals. I mean, who's going to impart ethics to B-school faculty? B schools and the global crisis
from The Big Picture by T T Ram Mohan ET column, Crisis: are B-schools to blame?]

Life long learning with ethical orientation is the goal of Savitri Era Learning Forum that precisely fills the gap left by the B-schools. [TNM]

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