Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Contingent & engine congeries

[But I think Meillassoux’s position actually entails the larger claim that all things are cut off form one another. They would even be cut off from their own parts: absolute contingency would not just mean a contingency from one moment to the next, after all, but would suggest that there is a merely contingent relationship between a car and the parts of that car at this very moment. It might be merely contingent that the engine in the car is what powers its movement, rather than my own thoughts, or the engine of another car on the other side of the world. dry Amazon review line of the day from Object-Oriented Philosophy by doctorzamalek
[The Life Divine - Google Books Result by Sri Aurobindo - Mind, being an action of the Infinite, depieces as well as aggregates ad infinitum. It cuts up being into wholes, into ever smaller wholes, into atoms and those atoms into primal atoms, until it would, if it could, dissolve the primal atom into nothingness. (1.18.180)

Speculative philosophy, when poetic, has an added charm, regardless it solves sundry riddles or not. [TNM]

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