Friday, December 11, 2009

How the world must have been packaged for it to be consumable

[Bhaskar on the Priority of Ontology Over Epistemology
from Larval Subjects by larvalsubjects
the transcendental realist begins with the question of what the world must be like for it to be knowable.]
[Ruled by Anniversaries TOI Santosh Desai Monday December 07, 2009 The idea of the anniversary is precisely to create a dam that gathers the gushing waters of time in the reservoir of today... Since so much that of how we see the world is shaped by media today, the process by which memory gets manufactured, retained and recalled is not an innocent one... Coverage finds comfort in numbers; and reportage tends to cling to mainstream issues that everyone is focusing on. Like the structure of markets where competing shops selling the same wares tend to spring up in a single area rather than spread themselves out, media too finds security in aggregating sameness. As readers and viewers we can choose which channel to watch but in reality all channels seem to cover on the same events in pretty much the same way.
What we are seeing is in effect a tacit surrender of independent will to the presumed forces of packaging and marketing... we reveal our susceptibility to news that comes to us in a pre-packaged form... Even devastating tragedies need to come to us in a form that we can easily consume.
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Knowable or consumable? [TNM]

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