Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Larval Subjects announces a course correction

  "This matter of not participating in idle words and chatter, which proliferates through the internet, is important," notes Radha Burnier [The Theosophist, December 2009]. Like all those who are part of the Establishment, she must be feeling the heat of freedom of thought that the internet facilitates. But words, as assumed, are not always idle, as "a drop of ink makes millions think."
Schopenhauer’s tryst with the Upanishads is well known. Heidegger's encounter with Daoist thought at a depressing period of his life transforms his philosophy. Larval Subjects, similarly, has announced a course correction after his 2009 tête-à-tête with Bhaskar and Harman (Harman’s route from Plato to Latour culminating in a new ontology). Such examples demonstrate the crucial role of right reading materials at different points of our lives.
“I regret very much,” wrote S.K.Maitra apropos The Life Divine “that I had not read this great work when it appeared in the pages of the Arya, for if I had done so, it would have saved me a number of years of philosophical wanderings in search of a standpoint. ["Emerging Theory of Values" 11:34 PM 12:30 PM 3:53 PM 11:52 AM]. [TNM]

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