Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alphabets do conspire a coup

Right here I summarize the basic argument behind Wilber's answer to the question of why and how things change over time: ultimately, it's because of Providence working through the minds of Great Men. I find this implausible, but it is a useful context for those who want to interpret Wilber's more monomaniacal claims about his own importance: there is an internal logic to such claims, I mean. To wit:
Great ideas make history, and if Wilber's ideas are to change history, then they must be recognized as great and taken seriously by enough people so that some change is actually effected.
Yes, the argument is circular and specious, but it is something more than just malignant narcissism. It fits in with the whole Weltanschauung, it ties the room together...]

Anderson’s continued interest in Wilber signifies that it is not easy to wish away the formidable formulations of the latter. Whether or not Wilber is an instantiation of “Providence working through the minds of Great Men” one thing is certain that new ideas coagulate while writing. Alphabets do conspire a coup and hijack old themes away.  [TNM]

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