Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kazlev votes for Heehs to seal the East-West chasm

Kazlev has cast his vote for Heehs so as to seal the East-West chasm, whereas the coming together of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo on March 29, 1914 stands for the fusion of the twain. Sri Aurobindo, in his series of essays in the Arya, responded to major thinkers like Marx, Darwin, Spencer, Nietzsche, Bergson, Freud, and James. The synthesis he attempted seems to have not made much headway a century later. 

India was under the British rule then, but today it is poised to be a dominant economy. Technology and prosperity have also generated a lot of hubris. Past equilibriums are collapsing causing immense heartburn to those used to privileged treatment. It would be unwise to assume that these have no resonances in an ashram environment. Or, incidents like attacks upon Indians in Australia have no bearing upon the emotions of those residing in an ashram.

The Flat World thesis was offered parading equality and as a consolation, but the meltdown showed its hollowness. Understanding the timing of Heehs’ outpouring, hence, is extremely significant. His targets are many and the repercussions, as per script. Obviously, a 21st century mini edition of colonialism won’t be tolerated within the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry. [TNM]   

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