Friday, March 12, 2010

Speak out and let the sunshine in

The tone of Pandey and Deshpande seems to be sullen and mood one of helplessness. This is not a desirable situation. Things have come to such a pass just because proper remedies have not been applied at the right time. Our scholars have continued to write about rarefied spiritual heights whereas the ground realities happen to be abysmally abominating.

Under the cover of this conspiracy of silence sin and deception has proliferated. Suffering injustice silently has been considered as the cornerstone of practice of yoga. Criticizing malpractices have been construed as being critical of the Ashram.

No more. You have the weapon of the words. Speak out and let the sunshine in. List out the demands. Set the rules and procedures right. We all are stakeholders here. The time is now. [TNM]

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