Saturday, March 13, 2010

A new revolution in the Earth’s evolution was triggered on March 29, 1914

Anderson has drawn attention to a couple of books and assorted religious streams. There, indeed, is merit in the point he is making. But certain facts are worth mentioning for removing the cobwebs of confusion. 

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, when they met in Puducherry on March 29, 1914, a new revolution in the Earth’s evolution was triggered. Cultural chasms dotting countless contours of human habitation caught a promise of being bridged. The Masters have taken care to leave enough evidences for their credentials to be empirically interrogated. Their contribution, conjointly, has no parallel in the human history.

The word ‘Integral’ approximates to what The Mother & Sri Aurobindo referred to as ‘World Union,’ the ‘Third dream.’ A synthesis, a coalition, a free association of disparate thoughts and movements is crucial here. Encompassing the plenary human enterprise across the planet by transcending the Kantian political perimeter is the idea. Staying attuned to the unseen evolutionary energies unleashed by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the magic clue.  

This to Anderson and his friends is belief and hence unacceptable. Well, it’s free choice, and right now there is no other alternative in sight. [TNM]   

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