Friday, May 07, 2010

Ethics - plural, playful, and exemplary

[Wild Ethics Friday, 07 May 2010 Shiv Visvanathan
Science is no longer the domain of certainty… One admits that science may not know enough of nature. One asks for a humble science, not caution but an ethics of scale. One also needs an ethics of time. One cannot reduce ethics to a time-table because one needs to think of future time. We have to reinvent both the ethics of the past and the future. We need a different kind of story-telling which takes terror beyond security, science beyond hubris and memory beyond erasure and obsolescence. Can we posit a Dalai Lama for nanotechnology, a Mandela for poverty and examine how they think. Every citizen has to improvise. These are new puzzles of tomorrow which democracy must solve to survive. Shiv Visvanathan is a social scientist]

Think of Sri Aurobindo too. [TNM]

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