Sunday, May 02, 2010

P.P. Raghavachary was the lone warrior, great genius

[writing an irreverent book is not a crime 19 Sep 2008 by Tusar N Mohapatra
writing an irreverent book is not a crime, and therefore, punishing someone for this sole reason is patently illogical. as an author and researcher, heehs deserves our respect, support, and goodwill and in that we should not be found ...
spice need not be mistaken for spite 21 Sep 2008 from tusar n. mohapatra  to pp raghavachary date 21 september 2008 21:11 dear raghav,. as you are aware i hold no brief for heehs, and what i have ... i wholeheartedly support the book: the lives of sri aurobindo 22 Sep 2008 whether heehs has actually "criticized the master" is an issue ... 19 Sep 2008]

[ Blogs - WHY INMATES FAIL in THEIR STRUGGLE? By nnandhivarman
Advocate P.P. Raghavachary, once upon a time ashram lawyer who cautioned trust against its misdeeds, fell from favour was expelled, which he stayed through court, was the lone warrior, great genius I am posthumously saluting for his heroic battle till he met with an accident while bathing in sea and passed away. Let men like Raghavachary be found among your followers….. N. Nandhivarman General Secretary, Dravida Peravai. Posted by 
nnandhivarman on 2010-05-02 4:05 PM]

Goodbye friend! [TNM]

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