Saturday, May 08, 2010

Truth and Justice; Confidence and Supply - Rosa Prince - ‎The Liberal Democrats may demand that Gordon Brown steps down as a condition for entering into a coalition government with Labour, The Daily Telegraph has learnt. Video: Liberal Democrats and Conservatives in talks ITN NEWS General Election 2010: 'If you are selling your soul … do it properly' Scotsman]

[The English are not, as they are fond of representing themselves, a people panting to do justice to all whom they have to govern. They are not an incarnation of justice, neither are they an embodiment of morality; but of all nations they are the most sentimental: hence it is that they like to think themselves, and to be thought by others, a just people and a moral people. It is true that in the dull comedy which we call English politics, Truth and Justice—written in large letters—cover the whole of the poster, but in the actual enactment of the play these characters have very little indeed to do. 
Sri Aurobindo India and the British Parliament Indu Prakash, Bombay, 26 June 1893 - Bande Mataram]

It is instructive to listen to the polyphony of Sri Aurobindo’s musings even today. [TNM]

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