Monday, June 07, 2010

All contraries prepare her harmony

Spero News - ‎The 'Instrumentum laboris' - a working paper for Catholic bishops to consider in dealing with the Middle East also notes that the key to harmonious living ...
The document also analyses the strong impact of "modernity", which "to most Muslim believers is perceived to be atheistic and immoral and a cultural invasion, threatening them and upsetting their value-system". "At the same time, 'modernity' is the struggle for justice and equality, the defence of rights". ...
"Christians have a special contribution to make in the area of justice and peace"; they have the duty to "courageously denounce violence no matter what its origin, and suggest solutions which can only be attained through dialogue", reconciliation and forgiveness. However Christians must "utilise peaceful means to insist that the rights of Christians be acknowledged by civil authorities".]

The hybridity of Savitri Era Religion is the right locus for reconciling diverse religions of the world and various caste blocs obtaining in India. [TNM]

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