Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Heidegger, Searle & Sri Aurobindo

According to Braver, the later Heidegger's abandonment of truth as correspondence in favor of aletheia or "unconcealment" enables him to also abandon realism of the subject, and so to leave the Kantian paradigm behind in establishing the Heideggerian paradigm: "In his later work, Heidegger places everything within history; there is nothing essential and self-same that transcends historical change."] 

The idea of nation soul in Sri Aurobindo has a basis in historicity. In Sri Aurobindo’s yoga philosophy, there are two aspects to the nation soul, just as there are two aspects to the human soul – a psychic entity and a psychic being. The psychic entity is an unformed matrix or reservoir of psychic energy out of which, through historical processes, a psychic personality or psychic being gets formed. These historical processes are determined by the relationship between soul and nature.]

True, Sri Aurobindo draws close attention to the transition between reason and what transcends it, but until a set of praxis succeeds in translating the promise in verifiable idiom, utilitarian theses would rule the roost. [TNM] 

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