Monday, June 28, 2010

Integral roars end up in old religions

A personal item: I have long been a practicing Buddhist, since adolescence. For the last three years, I have practiced at the Tendai Buddhist Institute in upstate New York. The influence of TianTai and Tendai thinking should be evident in my academic work, particularly the items I have published at the Integral Review, to one who is familiar with it.
As of this summer, I am also a novice Buddhist priest. My title is Doshu (information on what that means and what kind of training I have participated in is available here). I mention this simply for the sake of clarity: I think readers should know where I am coming from, in a sense who I am and what I stand for. 
Finally, my training is far from complete. I am by no means done learning; I am no master of anything and make no claims for myself except an earnest desire to be helpful rather than hurtful, to keep my commitments, to keep going.
Now you know. I will keep the other details of my spiritual life private since they have no bearing on my public life.]

All bloggers and commenters should ideally disclose their religious and political affiliations. Anderson has written a few pieces adverting to Sri Aurobindo, and they should be read in the light of the above. [TNM]

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