Friday, June 04, 2010

What did the Managing Trustee do about it?

Los Angeles Times - Scott Martelle -  Authors have learned that power-preaching to the choir, whether it swings hard left or hard right, is big business in bookstores… experts say the tough language and name-calling falls directly in the arc of American political tradition.
In other words, we've always been a democracy of schoolyard taunts and gossipy innuendo. It's just that more of us now seem to be buying books about it.]

[Looking at Christianity’s handshake with media in India (Book Review)
July 22nd, 2008 - 10:45 am ICT by IANS - By Papri Sri Raman
Book: “Strong Religion, Zealous Media”; Author: Pradip Ninan Thomas;

Indian Express - ‎The BJP on Thursday extolled the virtues of freedom of expression to disapprove of and question the Congress's objections to a book on Sonia Gandhi by Spanish writer Javier Moro. Sonia Gandhi supporters threaten to sue over 'fictionalised biography' The Guardian Sonia book: Why Moro said no to a disclaimer Times of India]

perhaps it should not concern us at all if we go by the acceptable argument of Auroman that, in contrast to the writer of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, he is an outsider and not an Ashramite. And yet it should concern us. …
And what did the Managing Trustee do about it? Did he simply swallow it, or observe nonsensical silence when the author of such a note writes about Sri Aurobindo that “any lunatic or deluded fool can rant and rave about ‘physical immortality’ and the like”? Prof Raghu is entitled to hold his own view or views in private or in public, but not the head of an Institution carrying the name of a person who is being criticized, nay misrepresented, falsified, discredited for all that he stood for and all that he did, and he is doing? If he has written to Prof Raghu about it, it should be made public, for the matter has gone on the Internet. Let us hope this will happen. ~ RYD]

Civil society wars are fought through currencies and polemics. Taming the new media is, therefore, the call of the time. [TNM] 

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