Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Heehsciyans believe in a single interpretation

Heehsciyans believe that every word of their book is distilled to embody crystalline purity. Each sentence has been crafted with a celestial chisel driven by supernal intuition. The odor of the earthly hand of the author has evaporated to be replaced by a heavenly aroma. There is no chance that the book can stimulate any awkward thought in the reader’s mind.

Heehsciyans, thus, believe in a single interpretation, a monologic/univocal leviathan. And therefore their abiding love for the Trustees (with a capital T). They constantly conceive their position in the cranium and certainly not at the fundament. The book, besides, is a gem of immaculate diction and exemplary clarity. All this makes it the Book of the Century (albeit, a bit early).

Heehsciyans are pretty alike the automatons. To your ten different objections they have an omnibus reply. When the Ashram says the book is bad, they refuse to take the cue. They insist that all that comes from that blessed pen is immortal and has the divine sanction. Three cheers for this new church. [TNM] 

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