Thursday, November 18, 2010

Safety nets in Savitri Era Religion

Yoga and Sadhana matters are not particularly socially palatable, although the ethical component can be said to be the cornerstone of a vibrant social order. Further, in the absence of appropriate yardsticks for evaluation, practice of yoga runs the risk of slipping into an anarchic course. Lack of authorized elders also leads to disastrous results in many instances.

Religion, on the other hand, incorporates many safety nets. Socially embedded and legally imbricated, it caters to man’s emotional necessities at various stages of life. If nurtured adequately, this aesthetic aspect carries the potential of storming the spiritual domains. Moreover, the way it glues a collectivity and fosters co-operation becomes a training ground for leadership and adventure.

Past religions, admittedly, have gathered rust and accumulated dross. There is practically no means to repair them. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, therefore, have created this new shelter for the people from all continents. We can safely call ourselves Savitri Erans by forgetting our old identities. [TNM] 

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