Friday, November 05, 2010

Of frogs and cobwebs and the tiger of time

[one of my favorite Latour quotes from Object-Oriented Philosophy by doctorzamalek (Graham Harman)
“It is admirable to demonstrate that the strength of the spirit transcends the laws of mechanical nature, but this program is idiotic if matter is not at all material and machines are not at all mechanical.” We Have Never Been Modern, p. 124]

Stability and movement, we must remember, are only our psychological representations of the Absolute, even as are oneness and multitude. The Absolute is beyond stability and movement as it is beyond unity and multiplicity.]

Considering the complexity of the Heehs imbroglio and its genesis tracing inter alia to the editing of Savitri, a black and white depiction of it, though tempting, would be unjust. There have been lapses and motivated usurping with perhaps hubris and victimhood as combined triggers. But to overlook the provocation it marshaled and filth unearthed will be lack of (the now infamous) objectivity.

None can forecast the trajectory the Zeitgeist chooses but all players, interestingly, are confident of anchorage in divine motivation. There is no ontological contradiction though in such a position but the eagerness to win has the propensity of enforcing a premature wave function collapse leading to the illusion of riding the tiger of time. A simplistic Manichaeism, therefore, is out of question.

Brushing off dirt and removing cobwebs can hardly merit the epic comparison with the Vedic battles. The mundane applicability of the tenet, All life is Yoga should at least have some standards. The evolution is a long long affair and the present bubbles (frogs included) in Puducherry swell at their own peril. A much wider challenge outside is waiting for our more serious attention. [TNM]       

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