Thursday, November 11, 2010

Twelve vs. Fevicol

To force his way out of the mother’s womb is man’s first political act. And letting out a shrill cry soon after is the second. The rest, however, is a long story of struggle for existence. But coping with the advanced age is perhaps the greatest challenge as social support wanes and the skills learnt are never enough. As insecurity sets in, one’s dependence grows and he is tempted to make compromises. Personal welfare concerns and the survival instinct often forces people to turn conformists.

There is no escape from politics from cradle to grave, upon the touchstone of which everything else should be judged. Spirituality does not breathe in a vacuum, but within an organic collectivity of human beings of all ages and sexes. Obviously, the problems of hierarchy and division of labor require constant review and fine tuning. 12 years (supposedly a Yuga) are the maximum for any tenure to run at a stretch after which the regime begins to rust. Following these standard tranches of time is prudence and not Fevicol. [TNM]       

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