Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Communists are blind to Sri Aurobindo's overture

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@MRVChennai To his credit, his brand of popular history has a host of RW acolytes now, adept at applying slant with impunity and finesse.
If truth is at a discount in an empirical domain like History, then expecting any firm proposition in the world of Metaphysics is farfetched
Sri Aurobindo has written on a prominent role for India in shaping human future but that is more about chasing Vedic knowledge & perfection.
The Mother's hand in defining Sri Aurobindo's concept of man & his destiny stemming from a Judeo-Vedic symbiosis is unprecedented & epochal.
With The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's work on Cellular transformation conforming to Vedic imperative & Lurianic Kabbalah emerges a new religion.
Just because Indian diversity is susceptible to vote bank politics exploiting it won't continue for ever. Sri Aurobindo wants rise of reason
Since reason alone can't assure an enduring motivation towards right path, faith and loyalty need to be drawn from religion, in combination.
Inertia and ignorance force people to fall back on tradition and status quo but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo offer a safe home sans confusion.
The rigour and sophistication with which The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have examined the human condition vis-à-vis religion is verily peerless.
Rather than as inheritance, following a religion should be assessed on the basis of merits and demerits just as supporting a political party
The legacy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo spanning over more than a century has a large reservoir of knowledge and devotion across the globe.
More and more people with genuine quest & scientific perspective are recognising the futuristic potentials of Sri Aurobindo's pronouncements
Although many fine minds are held captive by Hindutva, gradual efflorescence of curiosity and knowledge in them can't be held back for long.
Problem with Hindutva is that no one has authority or is responsible as to which text or philosophy is right. Sri Aurobindo charts out path.
Dalit antipathy towards Vedic knowledge as unveiled by Sri Aurobindo is pushing them towards intolerance & fanaticism scuttling emancipation
Unfortunate that no one tells Dalits how new Cognitive psychology and Genetic engineering findings coincide with Sri Aurobindo's prophecies.
A single tweet is enough to convince any one about Sri Aurobindo but to wake up those who are pretending to sleep needs constant hammering.
Both Right and Left have found it safe to ignore Sri Aurobindo but no more. Savitri Erans have enough ammunitions to disrupt their strategy.
Irreconcilable fissures exist among RW and Hindutva proponents. Sri Aurobindo comes handy to exacerbate the rupture when controversies erupt
Hindutva is yet to conquer India, convincingly. While so-called Secular forces claim credit, followers of Sri Aurobindo must snatch victory.
The Mother warns that "the past seeks to endure" and Sri Aurobindo exhorts to be worthy of "the noons of the future." So no room for laxity.
Communists were pioneers in the field of experimental and avant garde films and literature. We find them blind to Sri Aurobindo's overture.
Characterisation of India's past has been problematic with Hegel, Marx, & Max Weber. Indians no better except Sri Aurobindo's deft handling.
Political players leveraging own factions for winning games of Democracy is understandable. Sri Aurobindo foresees play of widening ambits.
The fact that neither the Hindu majority nor the Bahujan samaj were able to seize electoral victory is proof of Evolutionary forces at work.
Vedic light, freedom, & perfection are unseen goals of humanity which The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have underscored in their copious writings.
Prosperity and pomp have become the new criteria of credibility and respectability for modern day ashrams instead of treasures of knowledge.
Pilgrims thronging festivals and rituals exposes the utter neglect of education and employment the majority of Hindu population suffers from
Both Hindutva and the Communists want the masses to be in ignorance so that they can be manipulated well. Sri Aurobindo votes for knowledge.
Ideologies followed by AAP, BJP, Congress, & the Left makes them adversaries of the Nation if one is acquainted with Sri Aurobindo's vision.
@ramolia82 From a long-term perspective neither Pak nor Islam need be seen as a concern. They are minor irritants in comparison to Hindutva.
Sri Aurobindo had no confidence in piecemeal solutions. Tinkering with systemic flaws may be contingent but latching on to Evolution needed.
@Duttvijay @manishpant22 It's necessary to look beyond activism and discover true wisdom unveiled by Sri Aurobindo. https://t.co/11HzVokiqg
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