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Human volition is a toy in the hands of Evolution

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Savitri Era: RSS itself should retire #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams
@Bodhisatvaa Author's family connections may be dictating such PR exercise and you are certifying it. Please preserve your critical faculty.
@samas777 @Retributions Not to forget, Reliance, in fact, nurtures the ambition to take over the State which Modi is stealthily facilitating
From Gandhi to Modi, Gujarat's culture of reliance upon business houses is so normal. Raising an alternative paradigm for politics is needed
@a_r_j_u_n Reexamining your own expectations and insistences is rather a better course for evaluating how BJP is trying to modifying itself.
Who killed Gandhi is a fruitless debate like Is Subhas alive? How to elbow out the Gandhis from political scene should be the sole doctrine.
When one thought that Internet made things accessible and transparent, came the wicked Apps which are barriers and cause disenfranchisement.
R-Jio announcements send shivers down the spine as the worst prospects of "Big-Brother-is-Watching-You" loom large and there is no escape.
Quantum of mandays lost in observance of Rituals and countless Festivals in India, plus the indolence they promote, is simply unforgivable.
Science is the source of power, both economic and military. Mythology is responsible for preventing blossoming of scientific spirit in India
Rediscovering our identities as human beings beyond any kind of demographic taxonomy and securing Constitutional sanction for it is priority
All train names are superfluous and should be abolished, and replaced by numbers like flights showing originating and terminating stations.
People from Delhi are not much aware of or enthusiastic about visiting Puri. Best beach of the country apart, it has diverse others to offer
If you've run out of tourist destinations, visit Haldia. Take an afternoon stroll alongside the river. Rejuvenating!
To know the name of a river or a station a train crosses is difficult to know for a passenger as size and location of signboards are flawed.
Many songs are shot in remote as well as popular locations and @Vividhbhartiorg should remind listeners of those before playing the numbers.
Just because some facts and views have been presented in an well written article and published in a respectable site, it need not be valid.
Texts belonging to 5000 - 7000 years of Indian civilisation can't have full relevance for those born after 2000. Ruthless excision necessary
@prabhashashi Waking to the challenges of future and taking stock of current creativity is needed by coming out of the prison of old sayings
If we are really an extraterrestrial entity as MT believes then a huge fraternity of planets promising life across galaxies can be conceived
Origin of life and march of Evolution spans over billions of years and so illusory mythological stories shouldn't cloud children's thinking.
Just because "RSS has waxed" it can't claim legitimacy. It straggles with an omnibus ideology unheeding Sri Aurobindo's sharp criticisms.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have not only criticised major religions but also found fault with many lifestyle choices imposed by modern world
While we concur with the overall thrust of arguments, portrayal of Sri Aurobindo's ideology and vision is uninformed
Three sins of Ambedkar: 1) Tainting the Constitution with SC & ST, 2) Not reading commentaries by Sri Aurobindo, and 3) Valorizing Buddhism.
India today is a product of complex course of history, philosophy, and technology. Sri Aurobindo asks to prepare for a front-runner's role.
The most tangible aspect of Sri Aurobindo's teaching is he provides an alternative to Marxist, Nehruvian, Ambedkar, and Hindutva worldviews.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo valiantly pushed an alternative global perspective surpassing Bankim, Bipin, Tagore, Vivekananda & Radhakrishnan.
The most surprising phenomenon about erudite Hindutva votaries is they never talk about its inadequacies, perniciousness, or contradictions.
Rituals and ceremonies are not harmless acts, apart from being unscientific. The Mother warns about frightening occult consequences of them.
Recovering from hubris and checking one's beliefs and convictions with Sri Aurobindo is essential for walking safe in life sans confusions.
Akin to cleaning of garbage from public spaces, it's everyone's responsibility to keep our mindspaces free from Mythology and superstitions.
@GreatHeretic Sri Aurobindo avoids specifics but The Mother at one place tells about the ill effects of worshipping the black Kali idol.
@GreatHeretic As long as one is under the spell of R&V, one can't grasp the full import of what The Mother & Sri Aurobindo say. Problematic!
@GreatHeretic Only in passing. You have started reading Sri Aurobindo and it will take time to discover the whole range of Himalayan peaks.
@GreatHeretic The writeup ends with a "host of questions" and that is enough indication. You may however author a book on their connection.
Just like exercise of body can be done by oneself, understanding Sri Aurobindo's distinctiveness can be attained by continuous self-effort.
@RAJIVNJAIN66 @NewsGram1 Please read the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for a more enlightened take on Karma & rebirth beyond religions
[The all-absorbing interest in food and its consumption should be replaced by an almost chemical knowledge of needs]
Many pronouncements of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are beyond scrutiny by present tools of science. Focus should be on their political vision
Being on the side of Sri Aurobindo means discarding Mythology, religion, and rusted philosophies of Tagore, Gandhi, Nehru, and Radhakrishnan
Indians must stimulate their creativity in designing new tech products instead of confining it to Mythology and hackneyed religious artwork.
Rationalists believe in the autonomy of human volition without realising that it is a toy in the hands of Evolution, explains Sri Aurobindo.
Don't fall prey to Marxists, atheists, and Rationalists; avoid the other extreme occupied by Hindutva. Read Sri Aurobindo for justification.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
@sippy_sippy Time is running out. Modi must have his Nobel. You should be kind and accommodating to that extent. He doesn't want a 2nd term.
Instead of millstone, someone has tweeted milestone as regards Modi. Strange, how fairly educated men stoop to delude themselves and others!
Even films like Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. or Gandhigiri raised positive feelings among viewers but Hindutva supporters ferment religious division.
There is no dearth of people who repose their faith in common sense, fairness, and sympathy. They will all support Savitri Era Party someday
@ThinkersPad @Sheks65 I have a copy of "Doosri Gita" of 700 verses where Arjuna requests a second innings after the War and Krishna obliges.
@Sheks65 @ThinkersPad Check Mahabharata; it's very much part of it. Sad that Hindutva stalwarts are so inadequately informed of tradition!
@Sheks65 Instead of showing gratitude for imparting you new knowledge on Teachers' Day, you are calling my explanations! Not Hindu culture!

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