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Savitri Era Party demands Sovereignty for the States

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Savitri Era: Kashmir and Odisha should be weighed on the same footing #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams
@SREEHARI2001 @BirdsEyeWeiv Why? Tamil Nadu already has a Kannada born Brahmin to lord over an anti-Brahmin party. So, where is the problem?
So far Modi Govt is nothing different than UPA-III on the economic front and at this rate India has to wait for 22nd century for Development
Renaming Race Course Road where the PM resides is farcical. Entire Constitution of India needs relook whether Indians need a Prime Minister.
When made sovereign, Indian States have better scope of negotiating with neighbouring countries for their Development and cultural exchange.
At present, States are prisoners of a pan-Indian narrative. Therefore Odisha can't directly deal with Indonesia or Tamil Nadu with Sri Lanka
If Algeria or Argentina with similar population as Odisha are independent countries, then why Odisha should not be allowed to rule itself?
@AmbarishSharmaO Nothing against a State or a Caste in particular. I have highlighted prevailing paradoxes & absurdities Constitution ensues
China's dictatorial regime can handle a large population but the multi-party system of Democracy in India has proved to be an utter fiasco.
What can be more ridiculous and tragic than the 20 crore people of UP being at the mercy of a Central Govt. for funds and policy decisions?
India as a single nation has failed to deliver and citizens are suffering from deprivation. So, the States must be endowed with Sovereignty.
The Constitution of India as a British legacy has turned a trap which the present generation must jettison with individual States as nation.
Celebrities of local languages and cultures won't feel inferiority complex for not making it to the National scene if States are Sovereign.
Savitri Era Party demands "Sovereign Nation" status for the States as the Central Govt. has become an impediment in the path of Development.
Democracy conceived at the time of Independence of India has become untenable and infructuous due to population explosion over the decades.
Linguistic nationalism has great potential to spur Development in the States with renewed vigour which the Central Govt. is unable to tap.
Fifty new Indian nations interacting with the rest of the world directly has tremendous possibilities for economic and cultural resurgence.
If role of the Central Govt is reduced to dole out MGNREGA kind of alms, then it has no reason to exist. States can do as Sovereign nations.
If Indian culture and philosophy is propagated by fifty new nations in diverse fashion then it would be a victory for Sri Aurobindo's vision
Balkanisation has been understood as a negative phenomenon but for present day India it can usher in an era of growth and multiplier effect.
Geopolitical strategy and scenario thinking brigade have benefitted by Central Govt; States have languished with people poor and unemployed.
Central Govt. is responsible for dispensing monochromatic education lacking in creativity and wonder. States as nations can push competition
The overpowering idea of India has so enervated and enfeebled its citizens that people are shuddering at the hint of States going Sovereign!
@a_r_j_u_n That would again be a compromise; deferring the solution for another five to six decades without any substantial gain. So surgery
Right now the most vigorous linguistic nationalism is sweeping Karnataka. Give it Independence and see the kind of metamorphosis it engenders
When the States become Sovereign Nations, their respective demographies would dictate fresh policies on Reservation and affirmative action.
Isn't it illogical that the Govt. of West Bengal can't build a port at a site of its own choice? Why would a Central Govt. throw a spanner?
Central institutions have enjoyed enormous power and advantage which would go for the welfare of States, thus electrifying Market dynamics.
Languages are not going to die easily and as long as they are vibrant, fissiparous tendencies in India will persist. Proactive steps prudent
If Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, and Mauritius are independent nations, then why Odisha, Vidarbha, or Bundelkhand be prevented from turning one.
Instead of reacting to only eruption of violence, a modern Democracy should be awake to people's aspirations and urge for self-determination
Many local cultures and knowledge systems have been steamrolled by the Indian nation which will see new opportunities for efflorescence.
If given independence at least 20 Indian States will occupy space within 50 most populous countries to enjoy commensurate bargaining power
Systemic changes are a peacetime activity and shouldn't happen in a firefighting mode. Transition of States to Sovereignty warrant maturity.
Many would be aghast at how can we talk of independence of States without Churchill or Nehru. But yes, this decision has to be taken by us.
So far, the Central Govt has performed its role as a guardian. Now the time has come to set the States free so that they fly with own wings.
Addition of fifty new Indian Nations is sure to alter balance of power in UN and other international fora transforming North-South discourse
One thing that needs to percolate into people's mind is that there is no essential virtue in having a large nation with gigantic population.
Technology and digitalisation is transferring many known roles of Central Govt. to private multinationals facilitating nationhood of States.
Languages hide immense treasure and the States will take adequate care of them when they become Sovereign Republics.
When the most timid person comes out as a lion to denounce Modi you know that everything is as per RSS script. DMs fly to create right noise
UP is the most crucial challenge and every single move is aligned in that direction. Events seem random but hard to rule out RSS machination
Most BJP supporters & commentators pretend as if RSS doesn't exist or sits silently during periods of controversy. No one discusses its role
Sloth in Modi Govt. is due to enormous population of India. Devolving Sovereignty to States is the only option and the most required reform.
Once all the States turn Republics, regional co-operation in true sense of the term will ensue without expectation of any Delhi intervening.
Dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 has helped everyone and it's surprising why the States of India are waiting for so long to emulate.
Giant nations are dangers to world peace and hence India must split into 40-50 independent countries and disable nuclear war possibilities.
There are 200 member countries of United Nations with less population than Odisha and so there is no reason why it should be under Delhi.
Modi raising Balochistan in his Independence day speech is likely to snowball into balkanisation of India leaving him Gorbachev and last PM.
Savitri Era Party is first to demand granting independence to the States of India and those sympathetic must express solidarity. #FreeStates
@himanshujmohan You're right but the history of urge for self-determination, like love, shows that it defies logic and possible consequences
@himanshujmohan Besides, you are already a client of Twitter and Google cyber-empires and they are not exactly under Indian Sovereignty.
@himanshujmohan Just gave an example; your definition of State should change. Real power lies with Artificial Intelligence and Google on top
While the lowest population among the States of India is around 1m, there are 70-80 countries in the world with less population than that.
Demanding independence can spread like wildfire with terrible consequences. So let's get onto the task preemptively for peaceful transition.
It's a common feeling that accidents happen to others. Clamour for independence by the States may not be easy to suppress, like in the past.
That a large section of people are poor, uneducated, and unemployed shows Delhi's widespread disconnect with and indifference to citizens.
When the States become independent, a lot of people for whom Pak bashing is staple would be jobless. Fertile web of Diplomacy will dissolve.
Democracy entails involvement of people; when population grows it becomes less participatory in that proportion. So 1947 can't dictate 2017.
Gandhi and Nehru were chosen by Evolution, no matter what their imperfections. Those nitpicking expose their own vileness and insensitivity.
@ArmchairPseph I "feel" Gold Standard is as impractical as Sanskrit as National language. So no point arguing @AgentSaffron @UttaraMimamsaka
@ArmchairPseph No disputing; I was thinking of future and its relevance/efficiency unless all the nations agree to give fresh lease of life.
@ArmchairPseph Yes, I'm not aware. So, what next? Are these nations opting for Gold Standard? Can they convince all other nations?
@ArmchairPseph Let's suppose USA declines by 2020. Will India play ball with China? Seems doubtful; whoever is at top will be suspected.
@Zen_twt @MunimB @vajrayudha11 English may be good for jobs but the States of India must become Sovereign Nations to save respective tounges
Europe comprises of nations on linguistic basis since ages but in India Colonial legacy has prevented the States from acquiring nationhood.
India is the root cause of discord in the Sub-continent. If the Central Govt. is abolished, States can live in peace with their neighbours.
India was never a single entity and the Frankenstein's monster that the British have forged by force needs to be dispensed with forthwith.
@AmbarishSharmaO No Centre; States are Sovereign nations with UN membership and option of being under regional federation/coalition. Simple.
@AmbarishSharmaO Hope you read the whole set of tweets on the subject. I'm building my arguments on population size.
@AmbarishSharmaO You are free to paint me in any brush but I am proposing a Constitutional route to abdicate the Constitution. No agitation!
@AmbarishSharmaO From the handle you can notice that it's a party and it's only a couple of days back that I started this brand new campaign
@AmbarishSharmaO If you support abolition of Central Govt, I will be glad to have you as a co-worker. We can discuss the details via gmail.
Ultimate Federation is the UN. So, each State has direct access to global politics with tremendous potential. Bargaining power multiplies.
The Central Govt. is an impediment in the path of peace and prosperity of Indians as it guzzles enormous resources and enfeebles the States.
The Central Govt. is a replica of Colonial rulers which sucks the blood of the States and squanders them on foreign tours and arms race.
Modi's reference to the Baloch freedom struggle in his Independence Day speech has turned prophetic. Bihar and Bundelkhand too want freedom.
Bhojpuri is one of the most vibrant languages in India (& Internet:-) ) today. So, why can't there be an independent country called Bhojpur?
The Dominion of India has become an instrument of demonic domination over the States and people, thus turning own raison d'ĂȘtre infructuous.
Not a day passes without a Chief Minister criticising the Centre on some pretext. Time to jettison the Central Govt. lock, stock, and barrel
When the States become independent, no one in Kerala will bother about goings on in Kashmir or Kolkata. What a great relief for the people!
High decibel rhetoric on terror and war is on but States are starving of resources. Central Govt is enjoying; school children have no shoes!
People of India have been feeding a white elephant called the Central Govt all these years. Dual Govt system is a curse for a poor country.
Each State of India must become a Sovereign country. No one can deny this right or stop such an eventuality. Time to follow the USSR example
There is no justification for the Central Govt to exist. Each State can manage its affair well as a Sovereign Republic. Overhaul necessary.
War mongering by Hindutva enthusiasts has proved that their brand of muscular nationalism is nothing but religious hatred & baying for blood
Lofty ideals set forth in the Indian Constitution should not fall victim to Hindutva obscurantism. So snap the advantage of a large nation.
Chasing a grand-narrative, Indian Constitution has strangulated legitimate aspirations of people for self-determination on linguistic lines.
Movie theatres have given way to Multiplexes. Republic of India must make way for the States turning Sovereign nations to enter global arena
India as a nation has suffered as guys belonging to different States in a team don't see eye to eye. Forced nationalism is counterproductive
The mystery of a language is still a secret. Let the people of India promote their own languages by becoming separate Independent countries.
Dialects of Hindi have suffered under its weight. Regions with distinct dialects must claim nationhood and huge States to split accordingly.
The Central Govt & its bureaucratic network across States has been able to throttle regional aspirations and urge for autonomy. Dissolve it
Empty phrases like Unity in Diversity and National Integration have cheated the Indians of our generation of genuine linguistic fraternity.
The Hindi, Hindu, and Hindustan agenda of RSS must be foiled by abolishing the Central Govt and granting Sovereignty to the States of India.
Odisha must recall its ancient civilisation and overthrow the tentacles of Central Govt. over it. Each and every State of India is a Nation.
National scene and the round-the-clock discourse around it has proved total unproductive and hegemonic to eclipse the States out of focus.
While Caste or Religious discrimination draws attention, linguistic discrimination is pushed under the carpet. So, States must turn Nations.
Brain drain and irrational migration has sapped the States which need to be rejuvenated with Sovereign status and allied global transactions
Central Govt is a cesspool of lobby & liaison for deriving unfair advantage by pleasing one or two persons which multiple Nations will curb.
The names of 17 soldiers killed in Kashmir is known but the secret beneficiaries of the Rafale deal will never be known. Say halt to Centre.
People residing in the vicinity of Delhi have greatly benefitted from Central Govt leaving the inhabitants of far flung States high and dry.
@yugaparivartan Let Modi be the last PM of India and get Nobel Prize for granting Sovereign status to the States by dissolving the Centre.
Pak-centric commentary will stop when the States of India become independent and deal with their respective neighbours and distant friends.
@SwarnaBharatIN Please support our campaign for abolition of the Central Govt and Sovereignty for the States @Loksatta_Party @swaraj_abhiyan
@Prof_HariOm Present task
@SudheenKulkarni @madhukishwar @bainjal @SwarajyaMag @rahuldev2 @sardesairajdeep @Retributions @atanudey @sanjaycsds @sabhlok @RaisinaSeries
Dr. Alok Pandey labours a lot to elaborate but gets bogged down in verbosity. Healing needs precision and certainty.
Promising instant or assured results by invoking the spirituality of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo must be avoided due to subjectivity/Swabhava


  1. It's bogus, States will be worse than Nepal, Laos and Cambodia. Just compare India Pakistan or China Vietnam whether small States have any advantage. We are fighting British bureaucratic mentality and socialistic economic solutions which by and large prevailed here but blaming big vs small country.
    A bigger country like China did better than India in last 40 years by rejecing socialism for industrial products

  2. Thanks. Comparisons do help but not always. There are many success stories too and the idea of a cohesive nation should stand alone irrespective of superfast Development.