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Society should be rationally reconfigured like shop floor

@GreatHeretic I agree. Actually Twitter is the culprit; it offers this platform for instant publishing and I express what I feel to be right
@GreatHeretic Savitri Era Party draws inspiration from Sri Aurobindo but on practical issues we may differ from what he wrote at that point.
@sadhanapr Depends upon what suits us and Bollywood Remix numbers are widely accepted. So public is the sole arbiter in a Democracy. Period.
Shouting on TV screen has become a new paradigm of legitimacy. It's a matter of regret that knowledge, ideology, and arguments face neglect.
I have been writing since 2005, yet a novice without much study would challenge me every now and then. No regard for age or experience. Sad!
Misusing the name of Sri Aurobindo is an oft-repeated charge against me. My simple answer is no one owns Sri Aurobindo so as to do policing.
I was founder member and Chairman of the Durga Puja Samity in our colony but had to exit when felt unwanted due to linguistic discrimination
It was terrible in the first few years to work among predominantly Punjabi colleagues, when I got myself transferred to HO. Language factor!
Having spent half my life in Delhi & Ghaziabad, gender issue of Hindi exposes my being an outsider and my value decreases before any vendor.
In the Hostel, we were students from various States but integration never happened even after four years and parting was marked by conflict.
Delhi is said to be a cosmopolitan city but various temples in the evening would be crowded by State-centric devotees determined by language
Even in supposedly universalistic atmospheres like Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville people tend to flock together around own languages.
A tweet has enough room to make polite comments and express disagreements without being perceived as rude or offending others in the thread.
We are juggling with ideas & some are bound to shock or displease. The best course is to allow it to sink in instead of ticking off offhand.
Twitter is not for propaganda; it's an excellent medium for exchange of ideas. So the learning approach is necessary instead of showing off.
@HeathenIndian @maidros78 I tend to agree but apart from his books, the Ashram etc. are integral to his philosophy and need to be examined.
@HeathenIndian Ashram is the practice part where machines/innovation are welcome. PVNR said in Parliament that he first saw a Computer there
@HeathenIndian This is a better representation of his ideas but then it's difficult to express his complex position within a single tweet.
@HeathenIndian I think he spoke against West's obsession with industrialisation (and neglect of spirituality) but not as evil or undesirable
@HeathenIndian Problem is, his writings have happened at different stages and quotations can mislead. So crucial to know his overall vision.
@HeathenIndian True and that's why I butted in to caution you. The overall vision has to be earned before one loses eyesight. Perseverance!
@HeathenIndian Didn't get you but that doesn't mean that one stops. One can continue to comment with whatever one has understood of his work
@HeathenIndian Perfect. Reason being the Evolution perforce catches hold of an inchoate instrument to advance its agenda and speak the truth
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's work on Consciousness is unsurpassable; Westerners keep on writing money-spinning books
Sokal hoax created a storm in 1996. Tampio seems to have set the cat among the pigeons, two decades later.
Democracy is about clarity and transparency but a political party runs on strategy and secrecy. Yet Sunshine truly is the best disinfectant.
Sovereignty to the States is a valid political demand and those who sense promise and potential in this campaign may join Savitri Era Party.
Savitri Era: Savitri Era Party demands Sovereignty for the States #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams
@vakibs No single logic or ideology drives humanity. Let's hope civilisational values find more takers and animal instincts are reined in.
@vakibs They are separate nations after all even after a quarter century, mutual conflicts notwithstanding. The same can happen in India too
@vakibs China is a dictatorship and I don't consider it as an ideal society to follow. Besides, it may suffer the fate of USSR at any moment
@vakibs I agree and therefore propose that India split to enhance its international presence and bargaining power through fifty new nations.
@vakibs Essentially, I'm proposing a replica of EU in India. Autonomy for States can galvanise the overall sentiment of grappling with world
@vakibs USA is a Democracy and has got superior ethos than Russia. Economically it may decline but certain values have very strong roots.
@vakibs African nations have a different history; we needn't compare India with them. Sovereign States will compete & bring economic growth.
@vakibs India has no proper history and what you say is all imagination. Besides, the population size is unprecedented and past doesn't help
@vakibs Democracy is not perfect anywhere and evolving for which the West as a whole has made commendable contributions. India got from them
@vakibs I don't have to live in EU to understand it. It's imperfect, I agree but provides a perfect model as far as our States are concerned
@vakibs India never had Democracy before 1950. But the States which are actually nations have been tragically imprisoned by the Constitution
@vakibs India must free the States so that they achieve their full potential by competing with the world by displaying true Indian Spirit.
@vakibs I never requested you to agree or disagree with me. My tweets are meant for just reading and ruminating over them. cc @HeathenIndian
@HeathenIndian Natural nation may be a Modernity notion; postmodernism has radical pointers.
@SwarnaBharatIN Fine. But please go through the series of justifications I have archived at:
India was never a single nation before the British and language is a more binding factor for a nation than geography as seen in Sri Lanka.
@Hiranyareta Presidencies of British India were administrative divisions; language never mattered. Sri Aurobindo is not averse to Federation
@cpdarshi Sri Aurobindo supported linguistic divisions in Message to Andhra University. @Hiranyareta @HeathenIndian
Population of India has gone up nearly four times since Sri Aurobindo left. Federation of independent States needed.
@GreatHeretic Agree. Language is a stupid but emotive issue that grips people when it comes to the crunch. So preemptive measures is prudent
Demand for reservations is a major disintegrating factor in independent India and it will lose steam when the States turn Sovereign nations.
Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ) as a sovereign country is okay but West Bengal can only change its name but can't become an independent nation. Sad!
All those who are obsessed with history must change tack and work for the future. Languages are languishing; so the States be made Sovereign
Odia and Telugu stand the chance of being heard in the UN if the respective States are granted independent Republic status. Proud prospects!
Granting independence to the States including Kashmir by abolishing the Central Govt is the only long term solution of the present situation
Instead of being ruled by puppet Prime Ministers from Delhi, the States must take charge of their own fates by turning Sovereign Republics.
Odisha is the first State to be formed on a linguistic basis in 1936 and self-immolation of Sriramulu led to the creation of Andhra Pradesh.
Instead of waiting for further self-immolations or dealing with the then Punjab like inferno, all the States of India be declared Republics.
MMS was a puppet and Modi is a clown. Let not the fate of a staggering 1.3b people be decided by one individual acting under remote control.
The questions of caste & religion are best addressed at the respective States level instead of imposing a uniform national policy from Delhi
India comprises of its States but the phantasmal Centre has been sucking their bloods for the last seventy years which must stop forthwith.
Due to perpetual obsession with the glamorous national discourse, the States have escaped focus and scrutiny. Time to correct this asymmetry
A random sample of tweets shows how people are incessantly talking about Pak or Modi neglecting serious issues or events of their own States
An impression has taken root that what is National has value and talking about States is backward. Sovereignty to States will change that.
Election reforms is in the air but the priority is Constitutional reforms to grant independence to the States and dissolve the Central Govt.
An outsized country like India is responsible for breaking countless homes and uprooting numerous families which even Duronto fails to heal.
Huge geographical and population size of India is antithetical to human happiness and is causing widespread alienation and avoidable stress.
Both Democracy & Development have fallen victim to an outsized India and have become dysfunctional. A small nation is good for human emotion
The Prime Minister as conceived by Indian Constitution is an impossibility. No human being can draw support from the CMs of all the States.
Multiple roles like leading the Govt, heading the party, campaigning for elections, selecting and keeping CMs under tab are hard for anyone.
Due to uniform policies black-money flies out of India. Independent States will mean black-money being retained within the subcontinent.
Words are the best weapon of a civil society. So preserving respective languages or dialects will be the bounden duty of Independent States.
Indian nation is a mirage that we have been chasing for the last seventy years. States as Sovereign countries will provide lasting solution.
Sri Aurobindo, half-a-century before postmodernism arrived, highlighted the role of the local & federal spirit by warning against uniformity
@timesn0w @arungiri @India_Progress Indian nation has proved to be a Leviathan; a resurgence likely in the wake of the States as Republics.
@bnmallick That's where India is heading for with a comical Kejriwal as anarchist catalyst. And then clamour of States will reach crescendo.
Authentic local faiths & wisdom have been subjected to needless hybridisation and consequent trivialisation due to pan-Indian straightjacket
Odishi Sangeeta as a classical genre, for instance, has not been able to get its due due to Central Govt apathy and bureaucratic conspiracy.
Seems strange that those who keep on chanting liberty are against granting freedom to the States which Savitri Era Party is proud to espouse
If the Central Govt's only concern and priority is Pakistan, then the States must be awarded Sovereignty to look after their own interests.
The States of India are undergoing existential predicament due to Dual Govt. system akin to running a three-legged race by unequal partners.
There are nearly 150 countries in the world with less population than Delhi State but it can't become an independent nation. This is absurd.
It seems that the question of all the States of India attaining Sovereign Republic status will be thrashed out on the anvil of Kashmir issue
States of India becoming Independent shouldn't be seen as disintegration but rather rejuvenation via diversification
Eastern coast was home to leading Intern'l ports doing roaring business which grant of independence to concerned States can easily revive.
Top nations of the world are suffering from megalomania. Ideal population figure for a nation is 6 crore (60m) after which it should split.
Among the planets of the Solar system the Earth is special perhaps because of rightsizing. Similarly, countries with huge populations split.
We hear so much about Russia, but population-wise India can be divided into ten nations of Russia's size. Twenty of France, UK, or Italy's.
I'm keying in on Micromax CanvasTab P650 and it has stayed with me since 2013 because of its right size. Odisha too has right size as nation
Linguistic nations will infuse pride and competitive spirit among its citizens so that the neglected human resources yield heavy dividends.
Present nations are accidents of history who must undergo a phase of rationalisation. Mankind will benefit if China, India, US, etc. split.
Many are expressing their disappointment over Govt atrophy. Dispensing with the Central Govt & the States as Republics is enduring solution.
All large countries are a threat to the world peace and hence should split into multiple new nations of 5-6 crore (50-60m) population size.
Top fifteen countries with population above 9 crore (90m) are immediate candidates for splitting into multiple nations of reasonable size.
China, India, US, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Egypt must split.
All problems of India can be traced to its abnormal population size. Creation of forty to fifty new linguistic nations is the best solution.
Imperialist instincts are out of date in the modern world and nations must follow the example of corporations in rightsizing for efficiency.
Both India and US should split to engender around one hundred new Democratic nations which will immensely vivify the international situation
Inclusion of one hundred new nations in UN belonging to diverse cultures is sure to add dynamism and creativity apart from a sense of parity
Let's hope this is the last US presidential election after which its States are awarded sovereign status for ushering in federal world union
There can be no bigger irony than RSS operating its dirty tricks department in the name of Vivekananda. It's clueless about Sri Aurobindo.
@a_r_j_u_n It's a general observation on the ferment India has witnessed since 2010 via Ramdev, Anna Hazare, etc aided by that organisation.
Modi supporters are terribly on the backfoot; a sorry spectacle indeed! More agonising is how these wellread folks were so confident of him!
We have consistently maintained that AAP, BJP, Congress, & the Left need to be opposed. But educated people fail to notice any value in that
One of the very practical tips by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is to learn to depend more on the power of truth than of lies in all situations
@India_Progress Many negative/comical comments but no one has endorsed any Spark. Life is no laughing matter & a serious quest is called for
Western philosophy is not easy to master. It takes long years but one reaches a dead end leading to disquiet. Sri Aurobindo is final answer.
Consciousness, which Sri Aurobindo foregrounds, is bridging philosophy and psychology but rigid modalities followed can never be relied upon
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo never relied upon the laboratory procedures or group survey method. One's own body and consciousness is enough.
@vhpparekh Both were mortals and a substantial details of their lives is already documented. Probing one question can bring multiple rewards
It would be wrong to assume Sri Aurobindo has all the solutions. He leads philosophical inquiry to its logical end and shows Integral Yoga.
Sri Aurobindo had already reached Pondicherry on April 4, 1910 when William James died on August 26, 1910. SA continues from where WJ left.
Sri Aurobindo foresaw a World Union as a free association of free nations. India must facilitate this by giving birth to fifty new nations.
Sri Aurobindo's words deserve deep engagement and action but the way the Hindutva sympathisers trivialise him fills one with disappointment.
BJP won Election by selling muscular nationalism but is now wresting with pragmatism. Following Sri Aurobindo would have imparted honesty.
War mongering crowd is enthusiastically bandying Sri Aurobindo about as endorsing violence but he wrote "The Doctrine of Passive Resistance"
1940: Sri Aurobindo unilaterally extending his hand of support to the British in fighting against Hitler is a turning point in human history
Followers of Sri Aurobindo must support abolition of Central Govt and Sovereignty for States
@satyanveshan For support for success of World Union as delineated in his Third Dream through wider and multi-pronged international presence
If our planet is the only one in the whole Universe to house human beings, then the nations must undergo reorganisation to secure happiness.
Happiness is the birthright of every human being and those who rule must be forced to shed megalomania and create nations of optimal size.
Optimal size of nations can instil a heightened sense of belongingness & emotional attachment among people accentuated by linguistic bonding
Each State turning a full fledged independent nation with UN membership is not against Indian nationalism but rather enhances it multifold.
Disregarding neighboring States is common at present but when turned Independent, economic necessity would force deeper mutual engagement.
Granting sovereignty to the States by India will put enormous pressure on China and US for similar respect for people's self-determination.
China remains a colossal abnormality in the modern world and it must undergo fission to create small organic nations with 50-60m population.
@Sheks65 I'm proposing a EU like federation as a prelude to World Union. So the spirit of Indian nationalism or urge for unity don't vanish.
@Sheks65 The basis on which Telangana parted from Andhra is not an isolated event. Similar urge for self-determination is bound to erupt.
Constitution of India is so designed that the country can not get a capable, honest, and informed person winning mandate as Prime Minister.
It's time to throw away this absurdity called the Central Govt and free the States as Sovereign Republics to take on the world on their own.
In hindsight, it appears that it would have been certainly better had India acceded to the Khalistan demand of Jagjit Singh Chauhan in 1980.
Many in the country are sympathetic toward independence of Kashmir but such piecemeal approach is no longer viable. All the States at one go
Although, it's politically incorrect to say so, there is some intrinsic truth behind Castes and Sri Aurobindo confirms this unlike Ambedkar.
Consensus on this can lead to understanding the Indian society better and an effort can be made to create homelands for various caste groups
Hindutva ideology suffers from a utopian modernist grandnarrative and megalomania thus closing its mind to what Sri Aurobindo is pointing at
Ideological distance is so vast that even a perceptive commentator like @arvindneela dares not to probe deeper into Sri Aurobindo's oeuvre.
Theory has been a victim of Marxists and postmodernism has not been able to take advantage of Sri Aurobindo. Hindutva commits same mistake.
However, those believe in Sri Aurobindo, both intellectually as well as in religious mode, have reason to dismiss the Marxists and Hindutva.
Sri Aurobindo's espousal of difference warrants enduring political mechanisms on the ground which can't be left to the Marxists or Hindutva.
Just like Dalit discrimination is claimed to be social and not merely economic Sri Aurobindo prioritises growth of consciousness over wealth
With this idea in mind Sri Aurobindo had set up an Ashram to enable those who want to pursue consciousness to live in a politically safe hub
Similar Ashrams have mushroomed but they are light-years away from Sri Aurobindo's ideal; challenge however is to cover the society at large
The goal of Development or Governance, though ambitious, prove to be wanting by Sri Aurobindo's yardstick, thus necessitating suitable steps
Since Sri Aurobindo is not satisfied with the few residing in Ashram and says All life is Yoga, it's a call for the whole society to adopt.
Necessary political organisations are hence to be put in place to facilitate pursuit of consciousness and ensuring wherewithal and security.
Many followers of Sri Aurobindo who live in comfortable conditions loathe politics but the foregoing would convince anyone of their naivety.
Coming back to the contentious suggestion of some connection between castes and pursuit of consciousness, not much help from Sri Aurobindo.
But his delineation on demands of yoga & spirituality is definitely close to the qualities he ascribes to distinguish the Brahmin from rest.
That said Sri Aurobindo is emphatic about nobility or Dharma of each caste and holds them to be equally valuable in pursuit of consciousness
Be that as it may the question of political organisation remains & modernity demands that society be rationally reconfigured like shop floor
Democracy should be able to push such rational reorganization but for the vested interests of Marxists, Congressmen, & Hindutva enthusiasts.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad

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