Monday, October 03, 2016

India at a crossroads; let fifty new nations be born

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era Party: India must split due to overpopulation
Savitri Era: At seventy India must retire #SriAurobindo
Although Nature has created multiple languages with optimum population strength of a nation, they have been hostages of Indian Constitution.
Extraordinary population size of India is a Colonial legacy which must break into Independent States with a peak of 50-60m. @swaraj_abhiyan
People of India need freedom from the Central Govt. 40-50 new nations with 40-50m population can reorder the global scenario @swaraj_abhiyan
The first and foremost necessity for swaraj ideal is to grant Sovereignty to linguistic States and other regional claimants. @swaraj_abhiyan
One Prime Minister deciding the fate of 1.3b people is a dangerous gamble. Let each State be a Sovereign Democratic Republic @swaraj_abhiyan
Overpopulation is the reason why neither Democracy nor Development is reaching people. Let the States be independent. @_ProfAnand @pbhushan1
Quasi-fictional Democratic machinery of India conceived as a Colonial legacy is at the root of System logjam and Development dysfunction.
Fourfold increase in population since has robbed whatever legitimacy or efficacy the Constitution of India had at the time of Independence.
Linguistic States are natural Nations with reasonable population and hence should be granted independence for enhanced Democratic experience
Easy diffusion of good ideas and sentiments in a large country like India is an upside but spreading evil is also equally swift. #FreeStates
India splitting into fifty Sovereign linguistic nations is the best remedy for puncturing the burgeoning muscular nationalism of Hindutva.
No need to craft a National Education Policy or any monolithic philosophy when the States become Sovereign Republics
No language needs to be recognised, no art form needs approval, no policy requires to be vetted by the Centre once the States are Sovereign.
People of India are now like the captive audience within a theatre. Democracy and Development will burgeon when they get linguistic Nations.
Many verdicts are reversed by Supreme Court but time now to reverse the Court itself and get off the high horse. State High Courts enough.
Centre-State dual Govt. system is an agonising Saas Bahu serial inflicted upon the countrymen for the last seventy years. Time to call halt.
People of India pine for freedom along linguistic lines like European nations and not be bonded like erstwhile USSR or totalitarian China.
Sri Aurobindo deals with specifics very sparingly but World Union is very much a part of his Ontology like Hegelian consequence. #FiveDreams
Many fume and squirm or cringe when I advocate breaking India into 50 new nations citing Sri Aurobindo's vision. That's 2016 and Evolution.
Thanks to Twitter, this unusual idea of splitting India has already reached a few thousand minds and some have started liking this prospect.
What Sri Aurobindo wrote in 1950 (after two World Wars) should attract the attention of serious scholars more than what he advised in 1905.
Despite some critical comments, Sri Aurobindo was never wholly against Gandhi who, surely, was an able instrument in the hands of Evolution.
Rating Churchill for dereliction for 1943 Bengal Famine would be erroneous when judged against how much Sri Aurobindo valued him during WW2.
Admiring Subhas or Savarkar, in spite of their association with Hitler, is a serious judgemental error from Sri Aurobindo's point of view.
Both SwarajIndia @swaraj_abhiyan and @SwarajyaMag representing two ideological factions have forgotten Sri Aurobindo the original propounder
Hindutva hatred for Christians and Muslims dovetailing into a compelling narrative suspecting all that comes from the West is a tragic turn.
Caveat emptor: Names of foreigners lend credence but half-a-dozen of them who quote Sri Aurobindo to justify Hindutva are a pernicious lot.
One may dislike their religion, question their culture, or oppose their nation but to hate fellow human beings can never be a sign of ethics
@_Mauna_ Those favoured partition acted in their wisdom; blood was a later phenomenon. So punishing is slightly misplaced. Those old tweets?
@_Mauna_ I don't think anyone could have imagined a consequence of such magnitude. But then what was the option? The date was already fixed.
@_Mauna_ It was the British who forced the partition, and I feel, wisely. Rest were pawns. I still remember your perceptive tweets on Gandhi
@_Mauna_ 1943 Bengal Famine, 1984, 2002, there are many instances but ultimately they are accidents of history; serve well for future lesson
@seemay @DDSez Mere diagnosis is not enough and the Gandhian narrative has run its course. Sri Aurobindo is key now for countering Hindutva.
@dragonflayer_ @yugaparivartan Sri Aurobindo is the most credible guide for scrutinising civilisational issues but unfortunately, who reads?
Hindutva has a convenient whipping boy in Congress which helps it to evade more complex questions pervading Indian polity and global arena.
Why it's undesirable to follow the kind of Indology pushed by Hindutva can be felt from this migraine-inducing piece
@YRDeshmukh @MihirkJha Modi is something like Void ab initio or Nemo dat quod non habet meaning "no one gives what he doesn't have." Certain
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Indian Political Thought: A Reader, Edited by Aakash Singh and Silika Mohapatra (Routledge) Presenting a canon of names

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