Wednesday, October 26, 2016

From OOO to Ramakrishna, Gandhi, and Sri Aurobindo

"He covers all the major events, manages to add interesting and enlightening anecdotes at every point, demolishes many myths and misconceptions, and yet does not sound polemical or aggressive while doing it... I personally found it well written, detailed, fun, enlightening, and generally fair. Highly recommended." That's how Omar Ali reviews The English and their History by Robert Tombs. MT hopes it being "a comprehensive work which can serve as model for history writing"

Read a few pages from Kali's Child (1995) by Jeffrey J. Kripal, last night and thought what he is telling may not be wholly unfounded. But it's impossible for me to go through all those details. Similar grouses are being unearthed against Gandhi too and they have much value for writing correct history books in future. "Excellent write up. Very researched. I wish it reaches to a larger audience."

When we think of Heehs, in this context, a sadness crawls into mind. How much he toiled for the book and what was the consequence! Mischievous use of just a couple of sentences marred the book. Otherwise, it would have been an authoritative biography of Sri Aurobindo. The spectre of Kripal was certainly responsible but then let's hope that we have seen the worst and all repressed animosities have been exhausted. Anomalies with regard to the administration of the Ashram, however, remain unresolved.

Silika's PhD dissertation, “Objects of Occlumency: An Inquiry into object-Oriented Ontology” was submitted, yesterday. It fills all of us in this humble household with joy and pride. There is something to PhD among all material achievements, after all, and, especially, if it is in Philosophy, the king of subjects. [TNM55]

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