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Emerson admired Ram Mohan Roy

Hindutva, with its perennial agenda of "Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya" and "Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan" has permanent enemies in "Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah" and "Marx, Max Müller, Macaulay." Now that Modi has become mainstream, more and more people are finding such a narrative normal. However, the truth is different and has to be told over and over again. Emerson admired Ram Mohan Roy and played a stellar role in popularising Indian wisdom. Thus, recognising the role of the West in shaping the present day India is important. 

India suffered much under the Colonial rule, but how it has profitted in numerous ways can't be denied. The civilisational ramifications of East-West synthesis that it engendered is enormous. Present generation of India need to be awake to such nuances while studying history and explore how best to harness that advantage for the future. [TNM55]


1. [in 1845, Indian philosophy and evolution began to bond, that will form the basis for Emerson's mature philosophy.] [Thoreau went to sources, not satisfied with extracts and quotations as Emerson was, and not bluffing as Whitman] [If you want to know the source of Emerson's inspiration, it is this book, the Gita.] [There is no record that he had even heard of Thoreau.] [Darwin's The Origin of Species in 1859 marked a turning point] [in 1849 Emerson united evolution and transmigration]

2. 3. Toward a Transpersonal Structure of the Psyche
CJ Clements, U Talmor - Shadows & Light (Volume 1: Principles & Practices): …, 2016
... and other minerals. This concept was promoted from Plato and Aristotle to Plotinus to Aurobindo and others and later reviewed by Smith (1976) in Forgotten Truth: The
Common Vision of the World's Religions. Its central claim ...

3. Emerson in Context - Page 43
Wesley Mott - 2013 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
By the middle of the next decade, Roy had so risen in the young Emerson's esteem that he was included on a short list of the world's greatest and most self-reliant individuals, each of whom, he wrote, “annihilates all distinction of circumstances” (JMN 4:283). As Emerson's readings in Asian thought widened to include other,  ...

4. Emerson in Context - Page 43 - Google Books Result › books
Wesley Mott - 2013 - ‎Biography & Autobiography
Also significant was Indian reformer Rammohan Roy, whose career Emerson first encountered in the pages of the Christian Register in 1820–21. Roy was a scholar from Bengal who, in collaboration with a few ...

5. Mr. Emerson's Revolution: - Page 389
Jean McClure Mudge - 2015 - ‎Full view - ‎More editions
But of various scattered Asian responses to Emerson's writings in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the quickest and most concerted came from ... society founded in 1828 by the Bengali social reformer, Rammohan Roy, which was closely associated with English and American Unitarians residing in India... Rammohan Roy, later hailed as the father of modern India, whose life and career Emerson found profiled in the ...

6. Mr. Emerson's Revolution: - Page 379
Jean McClure Mudge - 2015 - ‎Full view - ‎More editions
In the early 1830s, he copied out a passage from the Mahābhārata, the great national epic of India, which was contained in Gérando's history of comparative philosophy, noting that Idealism was “a primeval theory”. 163 Soon thereafter, he read a précis of the Bhagavad Gitaarguably the pivotal text of the Hindu Renaissance, ...

7. Mr. Emerson's Revolution: - Page 379
Jean McClure Mudge - 2015 - ‎Full view - ‎More editions
Like other members of the Unitarian community, Emerson was so taken with this socially enlightened man of the East that by the middle of the next decade, he placed Roy on a short list of the world's greatest and most self-reliant individuals, each of whom, “annihilates all distinction of circumstances”.162 When over the ...

8. How I became a Hindu: my discovery of Vedic dharma David Frawley - 2000 - 208 pages
intellectuals are of the same ilk; conditioned by Marx, Max Muller and Macaulay they cannot appreciate an Aurobindo or a Ramana Maharshi. Ram Swarup, however, never turned his critical statements into any blanket condemnations. ...
9. Guru English: South Asian religion in a cosmopolitan language - Page 93 Srinivas Aravamudan - 2006 - 330 pages
Aurobindo makes a bold attempt to give the Indian nation a mythological pedigree based on the origin of the goddess Bhawani ... 
10. Tusar Nath Mohapatra11:47 PM, October 05, 2016
Thanks. Comparisons do help but not always. There are many success stories too and the idea of a cohesive nation should stand alone irrespective of superfast Development.

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