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Telescopic Democracy from Delhi is a saga of hypocrisy

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Justice Katju's attempts in stirring the latent nationalist spirit among people of different States is welcome so that the Centre collapses.
States as independent nations is an idea whose time has come and those resisting are bound to find themselves as barking up the wrong tree.
@IndianRealist Why? What happened? You should read the justifications I have written and contest with adequate logic
Constitution of India and Central Govt. are British legacies which need to be abdicated for the birth of the States as Independent nations.
If Odisha has a duly elected Govt then there is no reason why it should be ruled by Delhi. Same with Bihar, Bengal, Jharkhand, and Telangana
It's an absurd logic that just because Odisha was under British occupation in 1947, it can't have any aspiration for an independent nation.
Central Govt was a temporary arrangement & the States must grow up as Sovereign Republics to claim their rightful place in comity of nations
States are wilting under the umbrella of a Central dispensation and they must be set free if we want Development by people's participation.
@vasumunish It should but it's not happening in a normal way as we have seen during the last 50 years. Linguistic nationalism can stimulate.
BJP is toying with the idea of One Nation, One Election and before any headway the States must demand Sovereignty and join United Nations.
People of India have wasted seven decades but poverty is still rampant. States as independent nations is the only solution for Development.
@chandu532 No more piecemeal solutions. Let the States be Sovereign Republics to decide their own fates without the fetters of Central Govt.
Democratic reach should be actual & not merely symbolic; India with its unmanageable population has become an abnormality as a single nation
Metropolis are flourishing in terms of talent & resources at the cost of the States. Each State as a Sovereign nation can prosper equitably.
Metropolis are convenient conduits for International syndicates to drain funds off India. States as Sovereign nations will throw a spanner.
@IndianRealist Not exactly; killing is not the right metaphor. Point is to divert attention and funds to less fortunate areas of the country
Development apart, emotion is the most contributing factor for human wellbeing. Linguistic nations will generate more cohesiveness in people
Perpetual rivalry and cold war among persons belonging to different States in work places is ubiquitous. States as Sovereign nations is pill
Analysing the past and indulging in blame game is fruitless now. States must get Sovereignty for eradicating poverty and people's self-esteem
Just because some persons from a few States are ruling from Delhi, they can't prevent the Sovereignty demand of all other States, for ever.
Those who favour the tyranny of Central Govt over the States are against Democracy & Development reaching people. Curing megalomania needed.
Issues relating to castes and religions are intractable for India as a nation. Let Independent States solve them locally through own wisdom.
Foreign countries want to engage with the States directly but the Central Govt acts spoilsport. Independence of States must for Development.
Only by visiting rural areas and experiencing poverty one can understand how far is Delhi and why the States should be independent nations.
Debate on war or culture but never forget the poor. Theories abound but the solution is to make the States Sovereign and bring the Govt near
The India that the British chiselled out is an accident of history, a civilisational anomaly, and more importantly a disaster, economically.
Telescopic Democracy from Delhi has been a saga of hypocrisy of the first order and time for 1.3 billion people to cry the emperor is naked.
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