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All life is Yoga is a composite statement

Being intimidated by the sheer size of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's writings is not uncommon. So, devising capsules out of them that can be swallowed easily has its benefits. Further, the young generation is impatient with mumbo jumbo; hence, finding things of relevance in digestible form should be a constant effort. At the outset of such an exercise, one word stands as a stumbling block. That is Yoga. But, howsoever one is repulsed by it, there is no escape from Yoga, if one is interested in establishing any familiarity with Sri Aurobindo.

The next hurdle is one's prior conceptions of Yoga as it's very difficult to come out of all that and understand what Sri Aurobindo, actually, means by it. This, of course, needs some effort but can be overcome through sincerity. The most important description that Sri Aurobindo provides is All life is Yoga. It is a composite statement and needs to be understood accordingly.

On the face of it, it resembles sarvam khalvidam Brahma or, All that is is Brahman. So, the lesson is there is no escape; whether one likes or not, just accept that the whole of life is Yoga. Once that is drilled into the head, fresh implications raise their heads.

First is, tasmat yogi bhavarjuna or, you become a Yogi, oh! Arjuna. Thus, this is a command or order and can be understood as Sri Aurobindo suggesting to take up Yoga as the aim of life even without being conversant with its intricacies.

Next, another phrase from the Gita comes handy: Yogah karmasu kaushalam or, Yoga is skill in works. Though slightly confusing, the basic lesson is analogous to what The Mother says elsewhere:

Be simple,
Be happy,
Remain quiet,
Do your work as well as you can,
Keep yourself always open towards me –
This is all that is asked from you.

The final point is also from the Gita: samatvam yoga uchyate, or, Yoga is equivalent to equality or equanimity which finds echo in the other statement: yogasthah kuru karmani, or, do all your work in a state of Yoga. So, all these aspects can be perceived from the single statement: All life is Yoga. [TNM55]

P.S. While writing stumbling, the name of Ned, an aspirant who is no more, came to mind. She ran a site called The Stumbling Mystic. [TNM55]

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