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Philosophical flight with right and light

How to understand the world
How to understand the world is a perpetual challenge and philosophy will survive because thinking doesn't require much material assistance.
Philosophical thinking is easy and comes naturally but is obstructed by the phalanx of history, economics, mathematics, politics, and poetry
Philosophy doesn't mean that one has to go through all that Aristotle or Abhinavagupta wrote, nor Russell's A History of Western Philosophy.
Thinking over ordinary topics like why gold is the least reactive metal or how much protein the body needs can lead to deep philosophy niche
Science, philosophy, and psychology are sisters but they no longer claim that they can make us understand the world, sometime in the future.
So each one has to fend for himself of herself when it comes to understanding the world as all that has been explained till now may be false
Thus, all the information one acquires through education or indoctrination need to be ruthlessly scrutinised and fictions, duly segregated.
This is not easy as mind keeps on churning fresh dishes kneading recipes from diverse sources from what is hidden in genes to even lightning
One may think of two sides of brain in this context but not with total dependence. Strengthening the philosophical recess however is crucial
Proverbs & folksongs contain philosophical statements or even newspaper headlines. An eye for such occurrences can cure long held prejudices
One can always try when awake or alert but mind has no control during sleep, dreams, pain, diseases or under the clutch of strong emotions.
On the whole though one's philosophical treasure can't assure unadulterated truth it would help in showing right direction and lighting path
Now the brass tacks: Which philosophy? Which text? Which interpretation? etc. A veritable maze but not impossible to cut through the clutter
Interesting that while writing a previous tweet, I have valorised two terms right and light quite normally as if they are self evident truth
That's a good start and we can examine one of them but let's take the pair together as a concession to left and right hemispheres of brain.
Both right and light are needed on utilitarian criterion and are associated with all that are considered as good and noble (two more terms).
So by taking up right and light not only we are considering their allied notions but also we have segregated their opposites. Seems complex!
A cursory glance however would confirm that right and light are almost universally respected and coveted across all religions and cultures.
Further, right and light with or without allied terms form some key concepts common to almost all streams of philosophy systematised so far.
Urge to turn what is not right to right or bring what is not in light to light is ordinarily considered not only normal but also a normative
Then the question arises why right and light are valued so much and what is the basis? And how we deal with them along with their opposites?
Here, one may remember the human rights and how they help to see the world in a different light. So right and light do have multiple layers.
Be it right or light apart from their extreme opposites a hierarchy of grades or levels till their perfection makes it a gradual progression
How to understand the world in two dozen tweets: Philosophical flight with right and light #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams
Savitri Era: India at a crossroads; let fifty new nations be born #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #FreeStates
@dwimidhaM From the point of view of Democracy and Development, 60m is the peak population for a nation, on exceeding which it should split.
@dwimidhaM Democracy enjoins to brainstorm and break fresh ground. If you value status quo, that also provides the needed dialectic tension.
No dearth of people shedding tears for Indian languages but when it comes to supporting Sovereign linguistic nations, they develop cold feet
Fond hope of India nurturing all its languages is a chimera. Only the States as Sovereign nations can cultivate pride in respective tongues.
The Ideal of Human Unity was published by Sri Aurobindo from September 1915 to July 1918 and The Human Cycle, from August 1916 to July 1918.
Freely available online, essential reading for clarity on issues like society, castes, religion, culture, and future
The world has not produced a thinker and visionary who can surpass Sri Aurobindo yet. Hindu and Dalit scholars can profit immensely from him
Sri Aurobindo's message broadcast on August 14, 1947 enunciating his #FiveDreams has assumed greater relevance today
An iota of acquaintance with Sri Aurobindo's ideas and vision is a thousand times beneficial and fulfilling than reams of any dissertation.
RW lacks intellectual prowess. Sri Aurobindo is an ideal threshold for embarking upon a life of intellectual, aesthetic, & ethical adventure
@_Mauna_ We followers believe that Sri Aurobindo as avatar was in full control and deployed various characters/events for Evolutionary goals
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Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Indian Political Thought: A Reader, Edited by Aakash Singh and Silika Mohapatra (Routledge) Presenting a canon of names
Hegel's India, Aakash Singh Rathore & Rimina Mohapatra; Strong recommendations from Slavoj Žižek & Robert Bernasconi

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