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Two Gujaratis at the helm is a sure recipe for disintegration of India

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Anything attempted on a pan-Indian scale is a disaster. States as independent nations on the basis of language is the only longterm solution
Smriti Irani in HRD episode showed how the Central Govt. has turned a caricature and needs to be jettisoned, so that States get Sovereignty.
Twenty four hours debate on TV and Twitter goes on while the poor continue to be poor. Granting Sovereignty to the States can bring succour.
Real problems faced by the poor people is out of focus of the Central Govt and National Media. Independent States can remedy the situation.
UP needs to be split into four to five independent nations with around 50m population. Maharashtra and MP too need urgent reorganisation.
Huge population of India and China are a threat to world peace and progress. Breaking into a hundred nations of 40 to 50m size is the answer
Pushing Democracy and Human Rights is not the only burden of a modern world. Rightsizing of nations (around 50m) is the most important task.
Culture, customs, and religion vary too much from State to State but are facing homogenisation and obliteration due to pan-Indian imposition
False Indian nationalism by visiting a few State capitals or tourist places must see its end. Supremacy of each State must come to the fore.
@rahul75as I don't think you object to Nepal & Bhutan with much lesser population as independent nations. Why can't UP get such recognition?
From the point of view of efficient administration and sound public relations the population of a modern-day nation shouldn't exceed 50-60m.
@BavejaH @HerrBains @TrustingINDIA Population of India has become unmanageable. States as Sovereign nations is the only way for Development.
Securing Democratic mandate from a population of a size of 1.3b is impossible for any single party or person. Central Govt needs dissolution
Coalition Govts are playing havoc in the country. States as Sovereign Republics will weed out unholy alliances of so called national parties
People of India have been deprived of real Democracy & empowerment for the last 70 years and this dual Govt system needs to be laid to rest.
People of India need independence from National news & Central Govt ceremonials. States must regain their individuality and rise as nations.
Those addicted to National discourse with poverty and unemployment as grist to their mill will find the Sovereign States idea disappointing.
@TrustingINDIA Population is not the problem, Democracy and Development not reaching people is. Sovereign States will bridge the distance.
Dividing the country has instinctively been perceived as a danger but the example of USSR stays a very relevant lesson for India to emulate.
@TrustingINDIA Seventy years were wasted with such fond hopes; no inherent virtue in having a large population of 1.3b under one nation.
@TrustingINDIA Diversity of India doesn't allow national Institutions to function properly due to rivalry between people of different States
@TrustingINDIA I want to know why do you support an abnormally large nation and are not in favour of more democratic, optimal sized nations.
Dual Govt system has left people confused being torn between separate nationalities. Time to restore their linguistic nationalism to people.
Isn't it a shame that a nation of 1.3b population is going with begging bowl to another of 50-60m population? Each State must turn a nation.
People of India must exercise their superiority by becoming fifty new members of U.N. and thus taking the international affairs by the horn.
Hegemony of metropolis has sapped interior areas of the country. States as Sovereign nations will apply adequate checks on resource outflow.
The Idea of India has proved to be the most pernicious one and it needs to be dismantled. Give us our Odisha, Bihar, Bengal, Andhra & Kerala
The States of India need independence from puppet Prime Ministers in Delhi acting under remote control. Democracy has turned out to be sham.
@Aravind8 That looks normal but geopolitics takes over as has happened in Europe. Further, dialogue and not war is the order of the future.
@Aravind8 Fear of war shouldn't be a pretext to keep people poor. My logic is based on Democracy and Development reaching people. That's all
@Aravind8 May be you are right but I have enough justification for each State getting nationhood which has been denied for the last 70 years
@Aravind8 Nationalism is an emotion and I'm convinced that different States and regions of India have enough of it which is bound to explode
@Aravind8 China can't be in present shape for too long. Evolutionary pressure will force it to break into optimum-sized nations like India.
PM and President of ruling party hailing from one State is a tyranny over the people of rest of the States of India. Time to hive off Centre
Half of India never gave their mandate to the Prime Minister and yet he rules. Time to throw away the Central Govt and make States Sovereign
@Aravind8 I can't say about the past but the present population of India definitely deserves better Democratic settings in Sovereign States.
@Aravind8 Yes linguistic division provides natural groupings of around fifty new nations to be born from within India with 10-50m population
@Aravind8 All this will generate bilateral cooperation and regional federation like EU. That is the most evolved model mankind has developed
@Aravind8 You emphasise on defence and economy, which are valid grounds. But, I focus on Democracy, Nationalist emotion, and cohesiveness.
@Aravind8 I know, it's not practical right now. But I'm trying to spread the idea so that people think about it instead of triple talaq only
@Aravind8 Language has a certain power and people speaking the same language draw together. That's the cohesiveness I was referring to.
@Aravind8 I fully disagree here. Evolution is in direction of intellectual muscle and not military. Reason and goodwill will rule in future.
@Aravind8 No point arguing extreme examples. We are talking macro, nitty-gritties will play out. This scenario, however, can't be ruled out
@Aravind8 Nation-States of India can build a phalanx at the international level and exercise their soft power to counter existing anomalies.
@Aravind8 Material needs will precipitate the optimal size and level of bilateral cooperation. 50-60m is maximum population for a nation.
@Aravind8 Apart from totalitarian China, there is no other nation on earth with as large a population as India. This abnormality must end.
@Aravind8 They are still States and not nations; so lack that Sovereignty and people lack necessary motivation to work with new enthusiasm.
@Aravind8 Population is not curse; lack of Democracy & empowerment is to be remedied. Only the Central Govt needs to be abolished that's all
@Aravind8 True, but history can't be our sole guide. Poverty and deprivation that I see in India tells me that Central Govt is irrelevant.
@Aravind8 Again, it's all in the past. Similar things may happen in the future and nobody can stop that. The Centre has lost all legitimacy.
@Aravind8 Present dispensation is equally guilty of crony capitalism and remote control. So Sovereign linguistic States are the only answer.
@Aravind8 Constitution of India throwing absurd plots has become a caricature of Democracy. Needs to be jettisoned. https://t.co/z4RMnDzGDA
@Aravind8 Not necessary that all people speaking the same language will be under one nation. India is a fertile field for linguistic nations
@Aravind8 Branding ends arguments. What I'm telling is my feelings and I haven't seen anyone else on Twitter supporting the same theory.
@Aravind8 I'm not okay with the process of election and the sham democracy. But as a supporter, you are entitled to your opinion and pride.
@Aravind8 You want status quo but I foresee change which may not be pleasant in the short run but would pave the way for future world peace.
@Aravind8 By sticking to the idea that the Central Govt be abolished and States made sovereign, I'm avoiding all other nitty-gritties, now.
@Aravind8 Nothing prevents your patriotic feelings but my perceptions are different and hence the methodologies and whole set of preferences
@HindolSengupta Granting Sovereignty to the States is the most efficient way of allowing Democracy and Development reaching people of India.
@kisankrantidal @IndianExpress Savitri Era Party demands abolition of Central Govt and granting of sovereignty to the States @AmareshMisraFC
@sarkar_swati @maidros78 Instead of squandering away time and energy on Gandhi, writing of events with focus on Sri Aurobindo can be helpful
Blaming Modi or MMS is not the solution because problem lies in the Constitution. India has become unmanageable as one Nation and must split
@Sheks65 All romantic notions of a Nation should give way to rational imperatives tailored to administrative convenience and 50m population.
@Sheks65 I don't see Sri Aurobindo as frozen in time. His theory like Hegelian history must evolve with time and that includes what I tweet.
@Sheks65 Your hero Modi is not either. But I don't think I should go on collecting character certificates from the supporters of RSS. Never.
@Sheks65 Don't worry, no one reads my tweets. I've only a handful of active followers. So, I'm just venting my brainwaves. No effect. Okay?
@Sheks65 So that is in-house and everyone is mature enough. One person's opinion need not receive attention unless it has some merit. Simple
@RamaY_BRF @Sheks65 @himanshujmohan @ngc1729 Please read the justifications I have listed at https://t.co/VMzLz4Rd3K
@himanshujmohan Population is not statistics, it's flesh and blood human beings. They will decide their fate and 50m are enough as 1 Nation.
One household of 1947 has given rise to 50 families and India reorganising itself into 50 Sovereign countries is the most sensible solution.
Each block of 50m people deserves to be an independent Nation. Languages of India provide a natural criteria for creation of 50 new countries
@ngc1729 If you think that only Gujratis like Modi and Shah have all the brain power and not Odias or Telugus, then you should remember NTR.
@ngc1729 India is a British legacy, an anomaly. Linguistic States are real Nations which must get liberation for people's self-determination
The issue is not who will win in UP but how to give its 200m population 4 independent Nations so that Democracy and Development reach people
Had the Khalistan demand acceded to with grace, the history of the subcontinent would have been much different from present plight & poverty
Majority of Indians are groaning under acute poverty & deprivation. States as sovereign countries is necessary for their self-determination.
Every generation must ratify the Constitution since it's not a divine incarnation. Right now it's redundant; Central Govt has become defunct
@ngc1729 You are parroting the RSS narrative that is not responsive enough to people's poverty. States as Nations is an economic necessity.
Languages will get a new lease of life when the States are granted sovereignty & people regain pride as belonging to their own free nations.
Indian languages are characterised as regional languages whereas a nonexistent language like Sanskrit is appeased. States must turn Nations.
PM and BJP chief from one State is a slap to the Constitution of India; torpedoes federal consensus leading to sovereignty demand by States.
If BJP head and PM hail from the one State then other States have every right to demand Sovereignty out of self-respect & self-determination
1) Language, 2) Development, 3) Democracy, and 4) Gujarati hegemony are reason enough for abolishing the Centre and States going sovereign.
Many naïvely believe in Ramdev's Corporate rise but whose expertise is functioning behind the curtain? India won't surrender to one State?
People of different States and specified regions of India must exercise their right to self-determination as Centre has failed in its role.
No one in BJP or RSS is left with spine to question how can PM & President (of party) belong to one State. Pay fitting reply to this insult.
@ngc1729 Fine; you are entitled to your affection. Similarly, I have the democratic right to write what I consider as right for the country.
@ngc1729 Thanks for permitting me to write albeit grudgingly; I can assure you continuous supply of food for thought if you have open mind.
@ngc1729 When the country is divided, it doesn't vanish away. My concern for the people as a whole continues. People's poverty is the target
@ngc1729 Okay, you seem to be much evolved than me. By the way, your DP is a distraction, reminds the PB logo. May be you find it useful :-)
@ngc1729 Yes. Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan etc. stand tall as inspiration.
@ngc1729 @bhoopalp I'm not repudiating Sri Aurobindo. But population has increased four fold and we must take a rational decision over it.
@ngc1729 @bhoopalp Nothing is happening tomorrow but the discussion and consultation process must continue as part of democratic discourse.
@ngc1729 Focus is limited at the moment.
@ngc1729 @bhoopalp While building up an argument, one has to explore all directions. https://t.co/C89QisthAY
@ngc1729 @Aravind8 @bhoopalp I'm simply pointing out a problem lying dormant with the potential to explode. All must think preemptively.
@ngc1729 Right now, my thesis is no Nation should be larger than 50-60m population after crossing which it must split in democratic fashion.
@ngc1729 What actually happens as per pressures of geopolitics and viability is something one can't predict; be left to the people concerned
@vs70 Two Gujaratis ruling India in monarchical fashion is an insult to the federal structure and hence the States should claim sovereignty.
@vs70 Congress is heading towards irrelevance and hence I don't discuss much about it. No democracy in BJP-RSS; that is a matter of distress
@vs70 I don't dispute Modi being PM. But the Leader and President of the Ruling party being from one State is an insult to the other States.
Two hundred years back, Odisha was under Maratha rule and now two Gujaratis are ruling over it. An ancient civilisation it needs sovereignty
@vs70 If you find hegemony of one State so palatable, I have no objection. But I will demand Sovereignty for all the States for self respect
@vs70 Internal democracy is crucial in the ruling party which is conspicuous by its absence at present with the risk of escaping to fascism.
Needless uniformity imposed by the Indian Constitution on 1.3b population has enervated the nation. States should be Sovereign to experiment
@vs70 I'm more concerned about the present and implications for future than the past. And you seem to avoid it; a methodological discrepancy
Central Govt emits a fictional politics all over the country that has no connection with local realities. States need Sovereignty to bust it
Major functions being handled by MNCs, the Central Govt has become redundant. Sovereign linguistic States must emerge as natural Nations.
RSS must ensure that President of BJP belongs to some other State than Gujarat. The country can't let to be held to ransom by two Gujaratis.
One State, Gujarat, can't be allowed to rule India. All States must be granted sovereignty on language basis by abolishing the Central Govt.
@pierrefitter Each linguistic State in India has some racial distinctiveness and hence is a natural nation. They must be granted sovereignty
Being under Foreign rule & then Central rule, various States of India have not got an opportunity to achieve full flowering of potentiality.
@himanshujmohan Can't recount History tomes here. What pinches at present should be relevant. Rightsizing of nations should be a priority.
Central Govt. has lost all legitimacy due to the PM and President of the ruling party hailing from the same State, violating Federal spirit.
@vs70 Instead of waiting for a situation coming to a head like what's happening in SP, it's prudent to raise voice and seek remedial, early.
@Aravind8 Odisha being an ancient civilisation, I feel that its people have the right to self-determination and it must achieve nationhood.
@Aravind8 My apprehensions are for the present and the future since no one is raising this issue. My Odia self-respect is genuinely ruffled.
@Aravind8 Two Gujaratis at the helm is a sure recipe for disintegration of India and the States and specified regions clamouring for freedom
@Aravind8 No hate for Gujaratis. My objection is top two posts can't go to a single State in a Democracy which stands on Federal principles.
Top two posts grabbed by Gujaratis is not acceptable to the people of the rest of India and hence all the States must be given sovereignty.
@Aravind8 If Ruling party doesn't respect Federal principles enshrined in the Constitution, then it is definitely taking the fascist route!
@Aravind8 The truth is that BJP is under Monarchy now which Hindutva valorises with RSS as Rajaguru. So other States should seek Nationhood.
@Aravind8 That's not surprising as RSS supporters don't distinguish between Democracy and Fascism. So you are entitled to your understanding
@Aravind8 Another demerit of Hindutva is believing in grand narratives that entail overlooking local realities and marginalised perceptions.
Democracy and Modernity entail examining Constitutional functioning without waiting for people's agitation. Sovereignty to States an urgency
Consensus on culture and religion or sophisticated debates over custom and reforms have no meaning for the poor. Sovereign States are answer
Oversized India must face its logical destiny. 50m population is the optimum figure for a modern nation from administrative efficiency angle
States as Sovereign nations will prevent Metropolis from monopolising resources facilitating equitable growth and diffusion of opportunities
Gujaratis and Punjabis are ruling over Odisha. Time for this ancient civilisation to claim its nationhood and show the path to other States.
Odisha is in chains and the situation is no different from what it used to be 100 or 200 years back. So claim nothing less than Sovereignty.
MGNREGA is the Central Govt's way of removing poverty. Stop giving alms and let the people be empowered through States attaining Sovereignty
Savitri Era: Telescopic Democracy from Delhi is a saga of hypocrisy https://t.co/dW9AgjVis6 #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Justification in three parts for the independence of Indian States:
Savitri Era Party: India must split due to overpopulation https://t.co/pX4rxSPXJd
Savitri Era: At seventy India must retire https://t.co/fYo2k49F2s #SriAurobindo
Savitri Era: Society should be rationally reconfigured like shop floor https://t.co/yN08p3wabu #SriAurobindo
Savitri Era: Sri Aurobindo as springboard and sounding board https://t.co/ezMn2YQI9s #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Admiring extraordinary men is a symptom of camouflaging ones own shortcomings and wishing away and whitewashing whatever blemishes they have
Whose words carry more weight? Unsavoury comments of Subhas Chandra Bose or Sita Ram Goel on Sri Aurobindo or what the latter himself says?
A whole generation of educated Indians have been misguided over the worth of Sri Aurobindo and thus deprived of the ammunitions he provides.
Sri Aurobindo inaugurates an altogether new world where neither Hindutva nor Marxism has any relevance. High time for the youth to discover.
@maidros78 Who in your opinion represents the most revolutionary spirit at the moment and should be supported by all right thinking persons?
@vs70 Sri Aurobindo sought to design a sublime future for the humanity and to that end all permutations and combinations have to be triedout
@vs70 It's not disdain, I'm against disproportionate and impractical respect for Sanskrit and overenthusiasm over its relevance for future.
@Aravind8 There is a book called The Lives of Sri Aurobindo where you meet his different personalities. Further, his ideas are never static.
@Aravind8 That awareness sounds nice and I hope you allot some more time reading him on a regular basis so that discussion is more informed.

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