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Selfless service scenario that Srinivasan anticipates

M.S. Srinivasan (Editor, Fourth Dimensions, Pondichery) has contributed a paper titled, "Business and Society: A Multidimensional Perspective" to SAMSMRITI – The SAMS Journal (Vol. 10(2), July – December 2016, Bangalore).

Here are a few extracts:

[But to realize fully the moral and spiritual potential of ideals like ethics, social responsibility or sustainability they have to be pursued for their own sake, as a selfless service for the well being and progress of the larger whole of life. But if we pursue these ideals with an eye on some pragmatic gains it not only diminishes their uplifting, evolutionary potential but also restricts their material results.]

[Globalization is making us aware of the unity, interdependence and connectedness of our economic life. But all these unities are the outer manifestation of a deeper and inner unity of the human and terrestrial life at the psychological and spiritual level of our being. Our bodies are part of the universal physical energies of nature. Our individual bodies are linked together with the bodies of all others, human and non-human, material, biological and animal.]

[We also know that whatever we do or give for the well-being and progress of others or the whole ultimately returns to us manifold enriching our own well-being. Similarly all hurt or violence we inflict on others or the larger whole also returns upon us. Ultimately, all the higher and broader ideals emerging in the corporate world like ethics, social and ecological responsibility or globalization, to realize their highest potential have to be based on the perception of this integral unity of all life. All our actions have to be a movement towards a progressive attainment of our inner being and outer life to this inescapable law of unity.]

Elsewhere, he has been writing on allied themes, regularly:

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While the "selfless service" scenario that Srinivasan anticipates may seem remote at the moment, we have theoretical justification for it from another wizard of words, Debashish Banerji:

[But one may conceive of an organ of Knowledge in which multiple descriptions of Reality can all be equally true and simultaneous experiences. This is what Sri Aurobindo calls Supermind. (INTEGRAL PSYCHOLOGY – THEORIZING ITS DISCIPLINARY BOUNDARIES: A TALK AT THE CULTURAL INTEGRATION FELLOWSHIP, SAN FRANCISCO, 2008) in Praxis by debbanerji January 6, 2010]

Thus, we obviate all practical difficulties in the way of achieving a life of harmony upon earth. [TNM55]

Misc. References: and beyond, across India. It draws its inspiration from the likes of Vivekananda, Aurobindo, and Chanakya and promises to overturn the long-held accepted…

@Bharata_Bharati Without clearly defining what exactly "Vivekananda, Aurobindo, and Chanakya" represent, Sen seems to rely on empty rhetoric

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