Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Scholarly activity is an important element of Integral Yoga

All life is Yoga may or may not be the reality but all life is reading for followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Their writings including the commentaries by disciples are essential for proper understanding of various nuances. Besides, reasonable acquaintance with Western philosophy and poetry is also desirable. One may not be interested in all kinds of subjects but limiting Sri Aurobindo within education or Indian culture alone is a defective method. Further, searching quotations for justifying one's own viewpoint or a pet ideology is also a form of misrepresentation. So, in all these aspects, one must exercise utmost caution.

Another common practice is to denounce intellectual culture by admonishing for lack of experience or spiritual contact. They are imposters for whom parroting The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's words is used for terrorising others. If they really possess the yogic power, they should enjoy their bliss instead of wallowing in theoretical controversy. Scholarly activity is an important element of Integral Yoga and those young must not neglect this aspect under any pretext. Social media provides a very convenient platform for trying one's hand in writing and writing demands further reading leading to additional learning.

Uniqueness of the philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is well known but its significance is yet to gain desreved recognition and popularity. Adequate number of people are not there who have read their works thoroughly and understand them threadbare. Many from the above category are not conversant with Western philosophy. Many don't have the flair for writing. Still many don't have that activist spirit and prefer the path of silent yoga. All these difficulties lead to their eclipsing from public consciousness and must be reversed. [TNM55]

Misc. References:

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