Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kashmir and Odisha should be weighed on the same footing

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Savitri Era: Rituals are facing negotiation from Modernity and Feminism #SriAurobindo
Favourable remarks from Prakash Karat and Makarand Paranjape are not insignificant achievements for Modi Govt; let's concede well deserved
One may sympathise with Modi for the tightrope walking he does but the existence of RSS will never permit BJP to be seen as mainstream party
Although RSS hands are tight as Modi is under Reliance's thumb and his Nobel dream is paramount, mischiefs are warranted for winning polls
@sarkar_swati That's the norm in Statecraft for ages and whether Monarchy or Democracy, one should resign to the fact that an idiot rules.
@dikgaj The original formulation of Hindu by @sarkar_swati unfortunately is more fundamentalist than what the Socialists practiced. @JyoitaS
Despite grappling with diverse cultures prevailing in the country for almost a century, it's a miracle that RSS has retained monochromatism.
No matter how much one imagines India as one country, local languages make you feel as an alien even in different regions within U.P. State.
Optimal size should receive due consideration not only for Corporates but also for towns, cities, States and country for gaining efficiency.
While the liberal spirit behind Copyright verdict is laudable repercussions will be devastating if extended to marriages and religious sites
Agitations for separate state of Uttarakhand or Telangana and the violence involved is irrelevant today. Kashmir will look like that one day
Imperialist sentiments insisting on some intrinsic virtues in having a country as large as possible is nothing but a humongous superstition.
It needs to be mulled whether everyone should emulate "Giocante, son of commander Louis de Casabianca who remained at his post and perished"
Like Negotiable Instruments are time barred, human memory is erased to make life happy but historians and politicians stir forgotten wounds.
With population as yardstick India can be divided into four U.S. like nations of optimal size who would be free to be part of one Federation
India is suffering just like a huge joint family and modern technology and infrastructure have failed to achieve integration as one nation.
Democracy in a country of such huge population is unprecedented in history and so anomalous. Say of people in Govt is negligible and a sham.
Thinking about Pakistan or Kashmir in abstract terms is a trap. Military solution is a chimera; human emotion and suffering should be focus.
Arunabha Bagchi has a fine piece but by not distinguishing Sri Aurobindo from Vivekananda he commits simplification.
Watch superb musical puppet Play 'Across the Sea (Paar Samandar)' at LTG auditorium, 6:30 PM by National School of Drama, Sanskaar Rang Toli
JNU is culprit of criminal neglect of Sri Aurobindo on "how Asians think about international affairs and strategy"
Congress is determined to grab a bigger slice of the pie of power in UP than Bihar and SP is not its favourite. So it's advantage Mayawati
Idea of nation must evolve from geographical boundaries to cultural (including religious) cohesiveness and shifting choices of human beings.
Time is ripe for a leap forward towards Asian Federation allowing broad corridors in the borders as common ground for cultural exchanges.
International encounter and human destiny can't be left in the hands of Military and restrictions on trade and culture need to be slackened.
Kashmir and Hyderabad are two mistakes of 1947-48 the consequences of which refuse to stop bothering after 70 years. Time for drastic steps.
The present citizens of India should take a common sense view of Kashmir and resolve it without being entangled by its complicated history.
Territory should stop being the defining element of nationalism and Soft Power and Goodwill should propel towards Peace and Harmony, instead
Understandable that those in Govt can't proceed openly & hence a Citizens' movement must build up for immediate resolution of Kashmir issue.
Bloodshed for Uttarakhand & Telangana was unnecessary. Indians must be sympathetic enough to resolve the Kashmir issue with ink across table
Instead of looking upon Kashmir as a loss or defeat, the possibility of it turning as the fulcrum of Asian unity and melting pot is bright.
Kashmir as it stands today has a single solution. Govt, the ruling coalition, their supporters and public in general need be honest to admit
Govt has displayed commendable restraint in spite of jingoist cacophony by irresponsible supporters, perennially driven by religious hatred.
There is no reason why a Constituent Assembly of 1946 vintage should be the arbiter of fate of 1.3b Indians in 2016. Let States be set free.
People of each region must have the right of self determination sans any coercion or undue influence from any central or outside authority.
Last decade has proved that the Prime Minister is operating under the direct control of extraneous entities. Safe to overthrow Constitution.
@Sheks65 It's for the people to decide which comes first. Master narrative of an imaginary nation shouldn't deprive school children of shoes
After enjoying the bare beauty of Astaranga beach, noticed school children returning home in bare feet @OdiaCulture
@ArmchairPseph While your sympathetic portrayal of Kharavela sounds nice, sparse details about him makes any reasonable assessment suspect.
Review of the Constitution is no longer in the priority list of any party. Savitri Era Party takes this agenda forward to rectify past error
India's population has multiplied almost fourfold since Independence and hence it has become unmanageable as a single country and Democracy.
The system of Dual Govt, multiple parties, and bureaucrats from other States has played havoc due to which Development has taken a back seat
If Algeria or Argentina with similar population as Odisha are independent countries, then why Odisha should not be allowed to rule itself?
Why would a Prime Minister from Gujarat and a Chief Minister who can't speak Odia be sympathetic to the ancient civilisation that Odisha is?
Democracy in India has become anomalous due to vast & diverse population and nowhere in the world such an disastrous experiment is going on.
Parliamentary Democracy works efficiently in smaller countries and India should give birth to around 50 such new entities including Kashmir.
The way the democratically elected Govt of Delhi is humiliated proves that such Saas-Bahu serial is futile and the Central Govt is redundant
Democracy is tantamount to a certain distance between the Military & civilians but RSS strategy is to keep people charged with war rhetoric.
Just like someone's toothache troubles all in a huge joint family, a minor event in one corner of India harassing 1.3b citizens is absurd.
Linguistic diversity in India provides a perfect template for multiple nationhoods and there is no scope for any Central Govt to be imposed.
Despite its ancient history to insist that Odisha is not a nation is bizzare and symptomatic of some megalomania masquerading as nationalism
If there are more than one hundred countries in the world with less population than Odisha, then no reason why a Gujarati should rule them.
@AmbarishSharmaO The PM. The CM is also half-Odia and half-Punjabi and can't communicate to people in Odia though in office since 2000. Alas
Big States need split to 3-5 crore population level and all the States, including Kashmir, should be set free as independent countries.
Though an ancient civilisation, Odisha has been a victim of the totalitarian traits of Indian Constitution. School children have no shoes!
Like all other States and regions of India, Odisha too wants liberation from the yokes of an insensitive Central Govt and march as a nation.
@AmbarishSharmaO Yes, one side of argument. You are free to provide a counter narrative. Let there be a national debate over whole situation
Terrorist attack in Kashmir and Maoist attack in Odisha are two sides of the same coin. Self-determination by people can't be suppressed.
Traditionally, Ram is not worshipped in Odisha but by building new Ram temples, RSS wants to induct north-Indian ethos and throttle culture.
Kashmir is not a Pakistan issue nor has Military solution. Self-determination for Kashmir and Odisha should be weighed on the same footing.
School children who are fortunate to have shoes should join a campaign to provide shoes to those don't have, so that they walk with dignity.

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