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Liberal agenda is not a monopoly of Congress or Marxists

Communists resented Castes but Socialists legitimised it. Congress abhorred Religion-based identity but #CAA thrust by BJP has made people rethink on the Hindu-Muslim discourse. Suddenly everyone finds that it's a reality and can't be avoided or deferred in the name of Secularism
If a Govt is prevented from implementing it's decisions, then it's no Democracy. Protests are merely symbolic, just to convey the message; law and order disruption is absurd. A hill needn't be brought to the stage if a play has such a scene since dialogues are the real performer.
Sri Aurobindo wrote which scholars are entitled to dissect and tear apart his arguments. His political involvement too needs to be minutely examined. When he talks about Evolution and the next level of Consciousness, it's uncharted area. His spiritual forays can't be scrutinised.
The Mother similarly was engaged in the endeavour of transmutation of body cells which is beyond ordinary persons. Satprem has recorded all these which allows to sense the gravity of the matter. Understanding their future projects is important to collaborate with it successfully.
Something so apparent; still has to be repeated till it's brought home. Liberal agenda is not a monopoly of Congress and Marxists. Hindutva is bound to commit blunders and following Sri Aurobindo is an assurance of the right ideal. His political and ethical relevance is immense.
Now, Hindutva camp can also boast of a lot of intellectuals but from their uncritical support to ethical paradigms tethered to mythology and cooked up history, one can easily judge their standards. Besides, prior commitment to political and ideological masters blurs their vision.
Now there are threads and threads. They want us to remember tomes of history in order to comment on current affairs and rulers. Ordinary citizens shouldn't be burdened with so much of intellectual pressure in a Democracy. People must be free to enjoy and engage in economic roles.
All said and done, the protests against #CAA like the ones against Mandal Commission Report are orchestrated but wrong. #CAB may be valid but Modi govt could have avoided it at the present juncture. It succumbed to triumphalism and the results are unsavory. Sri Aurobindo will win
To assume that access to Internet will not have much effect on culture, language, religion, or nationalism is a delusion. Rise in prosperity, communication, and transport will definitely aid travel, tourism, and migration. Promoting them should be a priority for educational value https://t.co/jKWa4UbYcn
Most suffer from the false hope that India will become a Superpower or Vishwaguru. That of course is a good defence mechanism to overcome personal frustration or depression. But the reality is otherwise; measuring everything in military or material terms is a defective procedure.
Citizenship debate has clearly taken us back to Partition questions and basis of Nationalism. Confusion is likely to be compounded and silver lining will surely emerge from the chaos. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have indicated such tidings since India is very much on their agenda. https://t.co/tytxq6ev21
All religions are sure to collapse and nationalities will overlap or become porous. Increasingly, people are turning multilingual and using entertainment options from a basket of cultures. Difficult to prevent this trend since such hybridisation is going on since time immemorial.
Before 2019 ends, let's remember that Sri Aurobindo wrote an essay with the title 1919. Can be an occasion to examine his numerous prophecies and futuristic insights. Postmodernism and Transhumanism are passe; Cellular Transformation embarked upon by The Mother to gain prominence https://t.co/3cOb3ZoNGs
I feel, there can't be any cultural illiteracy or vacuum. There will always be something which may or may not be of one's liking and that's a separate matter. Rather, there has to be a vast amount of unlearning; especially for the 45-75 age-group for discovering Sri Aurobindo.
ARYA writings of Sri Aurobindo (1914-21) were meant for removing many confusions accumulated over the previous century both in India and the West. This herculean task has not been adequately appreciated during the last 100 years. Votaries of Indian wisdom and values must wake up.
Education was designed by the Britishers, basically by Christian scholars. Thus, various strands of falsehood were fed as truth. Eurocentrism was another reason for suppression of diverse evidences and Hegel's writings on Indian philosophy and religion is one important example.
Kant brought philosophical enquiry to an end but Hegel reopened it in which his reading of Indian texts have a great role. But this aspect has been ignored till date by the Western authors. Indian scholars have an opportunity in grabbing this task to rewrite history of philosophy
Once Hegel is accorded the importance he deserves, later developments based on science have to be reimagined. One such model we already have in Sri Aurobindo. Even he has produced multiple perspectives in Essays on the Gita, The Life Divine, and Savitri. The West can be bypassed.
American scholars of Indian philosophy are basically concerned with ancient texts mostly of Buddhist origin. This is a conspiracy to stall research in Modern Indian Philosophy on one hand and undermining Sri Aurobindo's epochal works in favour of other minor authors on the other.
It's not a question of philosophy alone; once this line of inquiry attains sufficient sophistication, many forts of Humanities will get demolished. There would be no East-West divide; knowledge sources and the lenses will converge. Religious and racial bias should get obliterated
This is the real #2020 challenge. Developing an integral perspective with sufficient intellectual muscle to match without compromising the highest standards of critical reason. Thinking part has been largely accomplished by Sri Aurobindo; what is wanted is just to flesh them out.
Hegel's extensive comments on Indian texts have a bearing on his subsequent philosophical formulations. How far do you agree? @LarvalSubjects @DrZamalek @adamkotsko @ThouArtThat @loveofallwisdom https://t.co/CgGW125luh
Drunk with power, Hindutva fails to notice the lower order knowledge environment it seeks to propagate. They are popular versions of some ancient Sanskrit texts which themselves were discredited in their time. Accepting modern outlook of Sri Aurobindo has been a problem for them.
Sri Aurobindo himself has pointed out many defects in the traditional knowledge streams. Sayana's interpretation of Rig Veda, Shankara's commentary on Isha Upanishad, interpolations in Mahabharata and Gita, and reification of Rituals as core. These form only tip of the iceberg.
I'm not supportive of mere reverence or lip service to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Their educational philosophy was adopted to a large extent during Indira years. Many Congressmen were admirers and helped in dissemination of their literature. Odisha is one example. But it waned.

Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad https://t.co/YGoEhdLyp7
Sight of Majestic Godavari reminds of Jupiter.
[The hand that sent Jupiter spinning through heaven,
Spends all its cunning to fashion a curl.] -Who by Sri Aurobindo (Collected Poems) https://t.co/SWCge7yQiL
Andhra Pradesh 2019 https://t.co/jucH8vn3Ad

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