Saturday, November 17, 2007

Corporate czars

[In conclusion, we would return to that other prominent cross-cutting theme in A Secular Age — loss. Clearly, for Taylor, the transition to the secular age has involved many kinds of loss, most especially a loss of what he labels the “heroic” in a non-Nietzschean sense. In this way his narrative is profoundly sad. -- A Secular Age: Human rights in a secular age? posted by M. Christian Green]
All heroism, presently, has migrated to the sphere of corporate governance and brand promotion. Regrettably, the saga of their day-to-day strategizing and warfare remains unsung and, as a result, the general public is deprived of the aesthetic enjoyment of pursuing exploits of their heroes in the real world and settle, instead, for the world of make-believe. [TNM] 1:47 PM

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