Monday, November 05, 2007

Not to read The Life Divine is a great deprivation and disability

Time and again, we have appealed that all should read The Life Divine. Of course, those who read books are few in number and majority of them love only fiction. Further, the size of the book and the style of writing are not very inviting. Thus, the dice is apparently loaded against a general reception of the book.

Therefore, it is essential that we make special efforts to publicize the advantages of reading The Life Divine. Sincere attempts are needed to make people aware that this is not merely a religious book. A summary of The Life Divine is available in many books and articles. But that is not equivalent to reading the book in original.

It is regrettable that the book is hardly discussed despite of its great significance. The reason being, the experience of benefiting by reading the book is quite personal and contextual. It is common to stumble upon a sentence or a passage while reading the book that contains extraordinary wisdom. But if you quote the same in an article or lecture, the force dwindles.

The Life Divine is not a book to be read and finished. It should be a companion of sorts. The trick is to read a little bit every now and then; without any expectation or exasperation. And the knowledge dawns with time. The book has insights in almost all aspects of life and the world. Not to read it is a great deprivation and disability.

So we remind and request all members of the blogosphere to make an attempt to read The Life Divine or at least a few chapters at random and thereby discover the treasure it offers. There is no other alternative than to read it personally. There is no other book to match its majesty. [TNM]

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