Friday, November 16, 2007

Resolution on the eve of The Mother’s passing away day

August 15, 1872 to November 17, 1973 spans 101 years and three months during which the planet Earth had the physical presence of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. They chose India to be their home. In spite of the adversities they have performed their task and left. They have taken enough pains to make us realize the significance of their advent and the need to follow them.

Over and over and again they have emphasized that the human mind is too puny to understand the rationale of what they say. They have told us to simply follow their path without domesticating doubts or getting afflicted with diffidence. They have also warned against joggling with multiple faiths.

It is our good fortune to have got The Mother and Sri Aurobindo in our lives. We are an absolute minority within the 6b+ humanity. Let us just remember how the first disciples came to them without any wavering to build the foundations of the Savitri Era Religion. A world wide following has already been formed on that firm ground.

The imperative now is to take this prelude to the next act. The whole field is fertile and waiting for the broadcasting of seeds of their message. This is the most important task at the moment. The teachings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo has the potential of liberating millions of people from their lives of stupidities. May all the Savitri Erans take resolution to contribute their mite in this gigantic task, on the eve of The Mother’s passing away day. [TNM]

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