Friday, November 23, 2007

A step, and all is sky and God

Savitri, like the Suez Canal, connects the West with the East allowing unhindered commerce of culture. A confluence of myth, history, and philosophy, this poetic creation dreams the unimaginable and points towards a new possible. The mantric potency of a supposedly two and half syllables utterance expands one lakh fold to this gigantic body of verse to form, as it were, the great pitcher for fermentation of the elixir of immortality.

The saga of man fighting his sevenfold ignorance in order to conquer death, disease, and incapacity is the audacious theme of this poem. The war is real and represents the cumulative struggle of the mankind coalescing with the concurrent. But the beauty of this bloodletting is in its benign culmination in a divine glory that has been foretold. As anomie dwells and entropy swells, the reign of obscurity might seem interminable, but lo! Savitri is here. Sing O lands, sing mountains, now it’s Light for ever. [TNM]

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