Thursday, December 06, 2007

Canvassing and carnival

Parliament evokes the image of politeness and reasoned debate, while an election rally (or, Lalu's ralla) presents a picture in contrast. Spirited canvassing amidst huge crowds takes the form of a carnival, the performance art of the politician not being devoid of cathartic implications. In deference to Rabelais’ eulogizing of carnivals as alerted by Bakhtin, or Rancière’s viewing of Democracy as an event, it is not easy to question the mode of canvassing as it happens in India, but the way all dirt is whipped up during this period certainly vitiates the atmosphere and blurs vision. Politics need not be a hostage to such roller coaster ride of melodrama. [TNM] trackback 5:25 AM 5:33 AM

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